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  • I'm not sure wether you're the right admin to contact over this, but we'd like to request this thread

    closed. We're all compulsive debaters and this debate is going nowhere, so we'd ask you to remove the temptation of continuing this otherwise everlasting shade-throwing!



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  • How detailed should the map be when it comes to including temporary locations such as Zuko's campsite and Earth Empire factory? What about places like Quarry campsite and Beach cave that doesn't seem to be noteworthy?

    Also, considering that Republic City is so central to events around The Legend of Korra, I think that it will be useful to have a separate map of the city in the same format we have for the Avatar World. I know that some episodes such as this one have provided a map of the city. The same could apply to other cities such as Ba Sing Se or any other capital city by backtracking certain episodes, if there is one. There is also a possibility of creating our own map. However, even if such a map is available, this city map project might fall short due to the lack of enough information to be able to accurately pinpoint each spot.

    All of this brings up another question: how did folks know the location of obscure places like the aforementioned Quarry campsite and Beach cave? If we know where people get the information from, perhaps creating a map of capital cities would be more feasible by using the same tools they use. PS: it is important to point out that the location for some places like Yu Dao are currently unknown.

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    • Well, I would like the map to contain all the locations that we do know of, because picking and choosing what is noteworthy and what is not for the map isn't really a debate I would like to get into.

      For the separate map, I think you might want to put that to the War Room and check if the community sees merit in the idea. It is certainly possible however to integrate multiple maps into the one interactive display that we have now.

      Those locations are known because of this site. Since you seem to be interesting in making changes to the map, I have given you access to the main editing tool that you can use from the map itself. It should make things easier for you to add/remove/edit pins, and I do need someone to at least bugcheck the thing.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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  • Hey KMP, I noticed that on Avatar Wiki:IRC Access the <verbatim> tag is no longer embedding the Freenode gateway. To fix that I found that a snippet (below) has to be added to MediaWiki:Common.js*. Additionally Avatar Wiki:IRC Access would have to have the <verbatim> tag replaced with a different code snippet (also below).
    *I'd like to note that while I stole this off of VSTF wiki, I have not tested the code myself.

    Could this change be made?


    /* IRC Webchat, from VSTF Wiki */
    function onloadhookcustom() {
      var replace = document.getElementById("chat");
      if (null != replace) {
        replace.innerHTML='<iframe src="" width="630" height="550"></iframe>';
         if (window.attachEvent) window.attachEvent("onbeforeunload",confirmexitjrchat);
        else window.onbeforeunload = confirmexitjrchat;
    if (window.addEventListener) window.addEventListener("load",onloadhookcustom,false);
    else if (window.attachEvent) window.attachEvent("onload",onloadhookcustom);

    Avatar Wiki:IRC Access

    <div id="chat">Enable JavaScript and Java to see the IRC chat interface or click here to go to [ Freenode's gateway].</div>
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  • Hey KMP,

    I was trying to create a page on VfD for Avatar Wiki:IRC guide/Nick warning but for some reason I seem to be incapable of doing so. Not sure if namespace is causing it or the slash is, but since you wrote the current VfD I thought I'd bring it to your attention.

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  • Hey there, KMP! As you may or may not know already, I'm an admin over at the Spanish Wiki (I think you know because I've asked you for help countless times :P).

    Anyway, I was also made admin of the Spanish Avatar Wiki Facebook page. We've grown over the years and as of right now, we have nearly 85,000 likes on the page. We grew tremendously, especially over the last 4 months. We had like 15,000 likes in May. Anyway, this wiki also has a Facebook page.

    I want to help make it grow as it currently has 7,000 likes. The way to grant a user admin rights on a Facebook page is simple. If you know who the current administrators are (and considering they can be contacted, the page hasn't posted anything in 4 years), they can make me an administrator by adding the e-mail linked to my account (

    I don't know if 888 will be able to respond to you quickly in regards to this matter, but do you think you could ask him for all of Avatar Wiki's accounts' passwords? Then maybe I could access the Facebook page and help it grow.

    Thank you!

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  • Hi there,

    A spammer came by the chat just now, and no matter what I do in the chat, my kicks and bans aren't sticking. The only way I can solve the problem is roundabout, but it's just strange. I've never had a problem with this before. Is there some bug there that he might be exploiting somehow?

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  • Hey KMP, I was wondering, could you use KMB to switch out all instances of with This family tree was used in many articles to identify names of family members, however Nick has taken it down. The link will take people who click on the reference straight to the family tree. I would ask LL but she's on vacation as you mentioned and I flipped a coin between you and Thailog.

    On a side note, cool stuff you're doing with the map! It looks awesome.

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  • Hey KMP, just wanted to let you know that I reverted your upload of the "marker" file, as it interfered with the round marker that is currently used on all the infobox maps. So you might want to reupload it under a different name.

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  • Couldn't bring myself to post your style of ominous "Hello" xD I don't think I've lived up to your ominousness on the newsletter either, but just wanted to drop by to say that it's good to see ya around here again :D 

    ...I was going to ask a coding favor too but I forgot what it was. For now. (Will update this asap >_>) 

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    • Lol well I don't doubt LL does that, because her motivations are the same as mine! There's no way that she (or I) would let someone outdo us in coolness. Seriously though, I can say in hindsight that aiming for a professional tone in a community newsletter wasn't really the ideal anyway.

      I have not. Unfortunately, it cuts into what little time I have. I might check them out if you recommend some, though. Good luck with that, although I hope you spot the irony of me saying that with my own track record of trying to wrest columns from people :P

      It's all practice - I was once in your shoes after all, and I'm quite sure I came across this problem when I became an administrator. But when you've seen a problem once and solved it yourself, you tend not to forget the details... Sometime at least ^^

      I'll get right on that task for those fonts.

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    • No way indeed... How could I outdo that brilliant gold sheen in you guys's usernames? But anyway, heh you and 888 set a cool/professional precedent for the BSST that worked well! I still have a long way to go before I actually publish as many issues as you did during your editorship T_T 

      Well, I'm glad you're choosing to spend your limited time back here with the AW community :D Hm out of the Avatar comics, The Search was an interesting read - even if the end fell a little short of everyone's expectations. Haha, I did spot the irony!  Dunno if you remember that advertising comic I drew of of the old staff (cheerleading and whatnot) xD The struggle is real! 

      I doubt I can reach your level of coding no matter how much practice I put into it! The most I've done is work with something you've already made :P Can't imagine myself performing the kind of sorcery that made the Fanon Submodule heheh. 

      Btw, what's the policy on uploaded videos here? Since embedding youtube videos automatically uploads a video file without a hotlink option, I'm wondering if said files have stricter rules than uploaded images. For example: if I wanted to include a random trivia video in a BSST issue, would it be taken down for having no mainspace/canonical use? And if it's an issue, would your coding genius possibly find a way to embed a youtube video without uploading it as a file? xD

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    • An anonymous contributor
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