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  • I was born on October 8
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  • Hi fellow wikians!

    I don't interact with that many people on this wiki, but to those that occasionally meet me on the discussion forums, blog posts or anywhere else, I just want to tell you that I am going to be temporary inactive from the first Februari until the 27th of May (with the exception of some eventual edits during the weekends).

    So have a nice time until (and after) we meet again!

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    • An anonymous contributor
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  • I appreciate your interest in my blog post. One comment can make quite the difference. And wow! I am impressed at your devotion to this site! Do you ever do the group chat? If not, you should drop by one day. You seem very responsible.

    Good luck with your future in this site!! :D


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    • Hi BreeInspired! 

      I saw that you joined the wiki some days ago and a little while later I also noticed your blog post, I was curious so I read it through and since I read it I might as well leave a comment to let you know that I read it. I would also like to point out that I had a special interest in your blog since you tell your readers that you recently watched Avatar and I always like to hear about new people watching Avatar, because I myself like the series very much and think it is fun that other people can watch it and enjoy it as I have done. However I do wonder, how did you get the idea to watch A:TLA? 

      I would also like to thank you for your nice words, but you should know that when it comes to devotion, there are many people here at the wiki that is far more devoted than me and I must say that they have welcomed me with open arms and have acted kind of like role models for me too. When it comes to responsibility I would say that most users here try to act responsibly, I mean this wiki is generally a very nice place and it actually amazed me a little when I joined, since people are often quite rude on the internet, nevertheless when all the people around you are nice then I think it motivates yourself to also be nice. 

      I rarely visit the group chat, yet I guess that I could drop by sometime, but if you want any help or something like that, you could always reach me here at my message wall and I will probably have answered you within a day, however I am almost guaranteed that any member here at the wiki would be glad to help you if you ask them and some of them respond a lot faster than me.

      I also hope your time here at the wiki will continue to be fun and pleasant!

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    • I know what you mean about people being rude on the internet. Its hard to avoid, but you are one more kind person!

      About your Q on how I came upon ATLA, well my friend used to watch it and she introduced it to me years ago. My interest in Avatar has been...patchy? I usually go on for a few days watching tons of episodes and then go for months not even thinking about it. That's why it took me so long to finish it!

      I appreciate your offer for help, I will definitely keep you in mind :)

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    • An anonymous contributor
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  • Hello, ELEMENTAL UNITY! We've never talked before, but I wanted to congratulate you on winning that Fully Fledged Avatar badge. While sure, badges aren't the most important thing on a wiki, it certainly takes dedication to win the badge. I got stuck (here) at like 170 something days and just gave up (was my second time attempting to win it). Hope to win it on the Spanish wiki though... Congrats!

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    • Thank you Tono555 :) !

      No we haven't talked directly, but I think we have met a couple of times on discussion and blog pages or I have at the very least seen you around a lot of times reverting bad edits and making some of your own.

      Beginning of uninteresting story

      Anyway, yes it did take some dedication to get this badge, it all started when I joined the wiki about 369 days, 6 hours and 36 minutes ago, I remember that I was very excited and eager to help the community and some day climb the ranks and maybe become a rollback or an admin. However right after my first edit I noted that you could get this badge where you needed to make at least one edit per day five days in a row. Moreover, after looking around on other peoples' badges I soon realized that this series of badges ended with a badge that required you to edit the wiki once a day for a whole year, which probably makes this badge one of the most annoying of all badges since it forces you to edit the wiki every day. Therefore I decided that I should get this badge as soon as possible, so I didn't have to think about it anymore, and now after many days and some near failures I have finally managed to get it, which is a big relief.

      End of uninteresting story

      Nevertheless, I definitely agree with you that badges aren't everything, I mean there is no badge that rewards you for being a great inspiration to me, which you have been since I noticed back in December that you were a rollback user. The reason why you are a great inspiration to me is because when I looked at admins such as Lady Lostris, PSUAvatar14 and Water Spout I noticed that they had stayed on this wiki for a very long time which got me thinking that it would take a very long time to become a rollback or admin. However, after I saw that you had become a rollback user after barely being on the wiki for a half year, I knew that you could achieve such positions even in a short amount of time as long as you are dedicated and hard working, this became even more apparent when I later noticed that you are a bureaucrat at the spanish wiki.

      So I wish you the best of luck in your attempts at getting this badge and even if you don't manage to get this badge, you have still managed to become a great inspiration for me and that probably counts as something (besides, you are the only user I know of which have achieved the Avatar Wan badge).

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    • The Avatar Wan one was a tricky one :p Thank you very much for the kind words, and very nice story by the way :)

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    • Yeah my story is nothing special, but I thought that since you came over here to my pretty empty message wall I might as well give you a little something to read. Regarding my kind words, you are welcome and you deserve them considering the things you have done for both the english and the spanish Avatar wiki, keep up the good work :) ! 

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    • An anonymous contributor
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  • Dear Sir or Madam,

    If you should like to share your opinion or comment on another, you could edit the Avatar Soapbox. Would you please consider doing so?

    Yours, Duke of Skibbington

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  • Thanks for the comment on my Blog, I hope you stick with me through my review blogs =_=

    Thanks again 0_<

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    • Hey ELEMENTAL ^_^

      I just wanted to apologize for my zero amount of activeness on the Wiki or on the internet in general. I was in Japan you see, have a little get'a'way and seeing the sights.

      I may get back to the reviews but I'm not sure really, the motivation in writing reviews for things is not as strong as it once was but hey, maybe I just need to shake off the cob-webs!? ¬_¬

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    • Hey AnimeLem0n :) !

      There is no need to apologize and it is nice that you are back on the internet, I myself have visited the wiki a few times a day but apart from that, I have been quite busy with school work, so I myself haven't been that active on the internet either.

      A trip to Japan, how wonderful! It must be very interesting to visit Japan, a country that lies in the far east with a different culture (I especially like the samurai, since they look really cool and have an interesting way of life, but the rest of the Japanese culture is also cool). Not only is the culture interesting, but correct me if I am wrong, isn't there like a ton of cool technological stuff in Japan like robots, tvs (trains that actually arrive in time) and lots of other similar things. Moreover, wasn't it super fun for you to visit Japan, considering that you like anime and manga very much? I hope you got to visit some animation company or a manga museum (if you like that kind of stuff). Anyway why am I writing, could I instead ask you how your trip to Japan went and what you did when you where there?

      Now regarding the reviews, my only advice is, that you should do what you want to do in your spare time (since it is quite limited), so if you don't think it is fun to write your reviews anymore, then quit doing it, I would of course like it if you continue with them, but I understand that you might need the confirmation from more than one of your followers in order to continue writing your reviews. However, it would probably at least be worth a try to start writing your blog posts again, since it might be as you say that you just need to shake off the cobwebs and get into your writing again. Finally, if you decide to quit writing your reviews, it would be nice if you make kind of like one final review where you speak about ATLA as a whole, so that your fans could get a conclusion.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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  • Fong welcomes Team Avatar

    Welcome to Avatar Wiki! Thanks for your edit to Talk:The Boy in the Iceberg, and for joining our community! There's a lot to do around here, so we hope you'll stay with us and make many more improvements.

    Wiki Activity is a great first stop, because you can see what pages other people have been editing.
    Questions? Need help? Don't know what to do? See if S.O.S. editing can help you, or just leave me a message!
    Have an opinion? Read the latest blog posts and meet other knowledgeable fans. Discuss the series and the movie to a depth that you'd have never imagined.
    Like fan fiction? Visit our fanon portal. You can read the quality works of others. You can even write your own, and share your stories with all the readers here.
    Follow our policies, to make sure that all of us get along harmoniously.
    Sign in every time you edit, so that we can recognize you.
    Sign your comments by typing ~~~~ when posting on one of our forum threads. This adds your signature and the date, so we know who's talking!

    We're really happy to have you here, and look forward to working with you! Have fun!

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    • An anonymous contributor
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