• I live in P.Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney
  • I was born on January 26
  • I am Male

Oh Yeah, are you here to see my messages or are you sending me a message?

My rules of messaging:

  • I will send a message that is important and good for you. Yangchen-sprite
  • I won't steal your messages of love, Just Kidding. But trust meKuruk-sprite
  • Kyoshi? Kyoshi is too rough. I won't do bad things like her. I will try to hold my anger, honeyKyoshi sprite 01
  • I will act sooner. You know that, didn't youRoku sprite 01
  • I want the messages to be peaceful. No harsh things. I will try to act like the Air Nomads Aang-end-c1
  • My Korra madness will appear if you do bad things.. Korra Sprite-01
  • I will be serious if I am sending you a message and if you are sending me a message. Katara End Sprite
  • I will try to be humorous, but if I can't means I can'tSokka-sprite
  • Sometimes I don't understand what is your messages... Understand it... Please... Toph-end-c4
  • I will restore my honored-messages (Just Kidding)Zuko-flord-c1
  • I am a user. But I am a person too.Suki Sprite
  • I carry my messages and I remember it. I can remember who you are! Appa Sprite
  • I won't let you hurt my friends. Like what you do to Appa. Kidding againMomo Sprite

If you didn't follow those rules, you break the laws, honey.
-AvatarMJC, Lin Beifong, Toph Beifong

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