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Makapu Village, Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom




89 AG

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Aunt Wu, Aang, Makapu Village, more ...


Fire Nation

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"The Fortuneteller"
(only appearance)

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Jessie Flower

Meng was a resident of Makapu Village and the young assistant of Aunt Wu, the local fortuneteller. Part of her job included greeting Aunt Wu's guests and bringing them snacks. Even though she was not related to the fortuneteller, Meng looked up to her mentor and thought of her like her grandmother. Although she was a little clumsy, some have noted that she made delicious bean curd puffs.[2]


Meng and Aang

Meng was enamored with the young Avatar from the first moment they met.

Meng was a bit younger and shorter than Avatar Aang, and had a major crush on him from the moment they first met. Part of this crush may have been influenced by Aunt Wu, who had prophesied that Meng was destined to marry a man with big ears. She was excited by the fact that "Meng" and "Aang" sounded similar. Throughout the day, Meng stalked Aang and dropped obvious hints of her crush on him; however, he remained oblivious. Even worse, Aang began to use her ideas to try to impress Katara.

Young as she may have been, she was observant enough to recognize that Aang did not share her feelings for him, but rather had feelings for the "beautiful Water Tribe girl". Meng showed no bitterness toward him when he told her this, and instead helped Aang obtain the copy of Aunt Wu's cloud reading book that he sought. With it, Aang and Katara were able to convince the villagers that Mt. Makapu was about to erupt and, in doing so, destroy the village.

When Aang, Katara, and Sokka left, Meng waved to Katara, but as she left, Meng muttered that Katara was a "floozy", revealing that she did indeed harbor resentment toward the waterbender.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)


  • Meng was designed by Dave Filoni,[3] a director for a few episodes of Book One.
  • At the time Aang was in Makapu Village, he was awakening to his crush on Katara, and went to Sokka for advice. Sokka told Aang that to get her attention he should just act aloof. However, Sokka mistakenly assumed that it was Meng whom Aang wanted to impress.
  • Meng had a new crush every week.[3]
  • Meng appears in the Super Deformed Short, School Time Shipping. She was among the many students in Avatar Roku's class.


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