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Master of the Elements gameplay

Aang makes his way through the game's course.

Upon awakening from his "frozen slumber", Avatar Aang realizes that he must master the four elements of air, water, earth, and fire in order to vanquish the Fire Nation's war that gained prominence in his absence.


  • Left and right arrow keys – Move
  • Up arrow key – Jump
    • Up arrow key + Up arrow key – Double jump
  • Down arrow key – Defend
  • Down arrow key – Roll
  • "Z" – Hit 1
  • Right arrow key + "Z" – Hit 2
  • Left arrow key + "Z" – 360 attack
  • Up arrow key + Right arrow key + "Z" – Air attack
  • X + Down arrow key – Earthbending
  • X + Right arrow key – Waterbending
  • X + Up arrow key – Firebending


There are two difficulty settings for Master of the Elements: Amateur and Expert. Once the player has chosen which difficulty he or she desires, a screen appears telling of the controls they need to use and the objects they can collect.

Each of these levels follows a basic script. Aang will travel through the level, coming across formations of lightning spirits, which can be collected for points. The spirits will disappear if not collected within a certain time limit, however, Aang will receive a bonus for collecting all the spirits within a group. After facing two to three groups of spirits, Aang will have to battle Fire Nation soldiers of increasing number and ability, ranging from foot soldiers to firebenders.

For these battles, Aang will begin the game with five lives. After taking a specified amount of damage in battle, Aang will lose a life, but will be instantly revived if he has lives remaining. To restore his energy, Aang can collect chi from defeated soldiers, which will restore a small portion. At first, Aang will only be able to perform physical strikes with his staff, jump, and defend. However, as he masters each style of bending, Aang will be able to perform a specific bending move in battle. Once a battle ends, the game will report the length of the battle, the number of enemies defeated, and the highest number of consecutive hits, referred to as combos. Every four levels, Aang will collect the necessary scrolls to master a bending style, and will be granted the ability to bend that element by a past Avatar: air by Yangchen, earth by Kyoshi, water by Kuruk, and fire by Roku.

After mastering all four elements, the player will reach the seventeenth and final level. During this level, Aang must battle Fire Lord Ozai one on one to win the game.


  • Master of the Elements had a near 90% positive ranking when it was still hosted by


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