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This article is about the airbender. For the character from "The Deserter", see Malu.
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The following information is not considered to be part of the main continuity.

Malu, commonly referred to as the "ghost witch of the mountain", was an airbender from the Eastern Air Temple. A mysterious figure with supposed mystical powers, she fled to the Earth Kingdom following the Fire Nation's first attacks that started the Hundred Year War.[1]


Malu was born to two airbending monks and raised in the Easter Air Temple. When the Fire Nation attacked the Air Nomads during the passing of Sozin's Comet, her mother hid her away in a cave in order to keep her save. As such, Malu survived the raid, though her parents were among the first casualties in the war.

For years, Malu lived a solitary existence, teaching herself airbending. Despite lacking a teacher, she quickly mastered the art, which helped her to survive. It was not until 10 AG that she came out of hiding and began attacking Fire Nation soldiers. She became a legend in the Earth Kingdom as an enigmatic beauty who supposedly controlled the spirits and could appear and vanish at will.

Afterward, some claimed she eventually made her home in the mountain passes, and villagers paid tribute to the spirit who had protected the forest.[1]


Known appearances in cards

Card number Card name Type Rarity
42 Blowback strike rare
46 Hurricane Vault strike uncommon
86 Misdirection advantage common
90 Ward Off advantage common
127 Malu, reclusive orphan ally uncommon
146 Open-Palm Pushback strike rare
170 Strata Breaker strike Zenemental
200 Malu chamber commn
201 Malu chamber common
202 Malu chamber uncommon
203 Malu chamber common
204 Malu chamber uncommon
205 Malu chamber rare



Although Malu lacked airbending mastery tattoos, she was proficient in the art.

  • "Malu" is the Indonesian and Malay word for "shyness", which would fit her rather elusive nature.
    • "Malu" is also the Polynesian word for "gentle wind" or "calm wind", which befits her status as an airbender.
  • Malu was the only female Air Nomad shown who had not acquired her tattoos until the introduction of Jinora and Ikki in The Legend of Korra.


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