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Malina was a waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe and the sister of Maliq. After the end of the Hundred Year War, she moved from the Earth Kingdom, where she had spent most of her life, to the Southern Water Tribe, where, with her brother's help, she oversaw the modernization of the buildings in the tribal capital, as part of the Southern Reconstruction Project.[1]


Malina was born sometime during the last half of the Hundred Year War in the Northern Water Tribe, along with her brother, Maliq. At some point, she and her brother moved to the Earth Kingdom. By the time they moved to the South Pole to aid Hakoda with the design and construction of more modern buildings, they had spent more of their lives in the Earth Kingdom than they had in the North Pole.

On the day Katara and Sokka returned to the South Pole for the first time since the end of the war, Malina and her brother were in Hakoda's temporary office in the city government building, waiting for him to finish some paperwork. As she waited, Katara and Sokka entered the office. After Hakoda stood and embraced his children, he introduced them to Malina and Maliq. Malina was excited to meet the two siblings, calling them "celebrity heroes". She was surprised to learn that Katara and Sokka had already met the men on her construction crew, and that they had had a confrontation about the lack of a fence around one of their active construction sites. After dismissing the crew from the office, she showed Katara and Sokka her plans for a new, large palace she planned to build for Hakoda, a building intended to serve as his home and office. She passionately declared that such a building would act as a statement to the rest of the world, causing the other nations to view the Southern Tribe as developing with the rest of the post-war world. She laughed when Sokka asked if they could build a slide in the middle of the new palace. Taking a liking to his fresh ideas, she offered him a position as a consultant on the construction crew, which he accepted. Maliq and Malina offered to take Sokka and Katara to dinner, and the former again heartily accepted their offer.

That night, as she ate at the restaurant with Katara, Sokka, Hakoda, and Maliq, Malina told Sokka and Katara that she welcomed the arrival of the restaurant in the Southern Tribe, as she had difficulty adjusting to Southern food; the differences in the two varieties of food, while subtle, were very off-putting to her. When a server boy spilled a large, silver vessel filled with soup on their table, she rose and tried to comfort him. As she and the others were distracted, a server girl snatched Maliq's briefcase from under the table. When Maliq tried to stop her, she hit him in the face with the briefcase and dashed for the exit, leading Malina to bend water from a small aquarium and create a thin sheet of ice beneath the girl's feet, causing her to slip and fall. However, facing toward the girl left her back unprotected, and the server boy hurled the large silver vessel at her. It caught her off-guard, and as she fell to the floor, she hit her head on the corner of a large piece of wooden furniture, knocking her unconscious.

After Katara and Sokka left to chase the fleeing servers, who had successfully escaped with the briefcase, the unconscious Malina's head was bandaged, and she was taken to Kanna's hut to rest, while Maliq kept watch outside. As she rested, Hakoda arrived to see her. When Katara and Sokka entered the hut unannounced several moments later, they were shocked to find Hakoda and Malina in the middle of a passionate kiss.[1]



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