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Maka'ole berries

Iroh gazed closely at what could have been maka'ole berries.

The maka'ole berry is a wild, poisonous fruit that grows in Earth Kingdom forests and is known to cause blindness to humans when consumed. It is often confused with the bacui berry, which is similar in appearance.


After poisoning himself with the white jade bush, Iroh sought bacui berries in order to cure himself. He found a branch of berries, but was unsure whether they were bacui berries or their poisonous look-alike, maka'ole berries. Before he could find out, Zuko disposed of the berries to prevent Iroh from eating them and possibly going blind.[1]


  • The writers thought that "maka'ole" meant "without sight" in Hawaiian, hence the name of the berry. As it turns out, it actually means "eye tooth".[2]


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