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Lucille Theresa Bliss was an American actress and voice actress who was credited with voicing Yugoda in one episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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Lucille Bliss was a New York City native and appeared in films and on television shows, including The Smurfs as Smurfette, Nickelodeon's Invader ZIM as Ms. Bitters, and Walt Disney's Cinderella as Anastasia Tremaine. She voiced the starring character of the first made-for-television cartoon, Crusader Rabbit.

Despite residing in an assisted-living home toward the end of her life, she was still capable of doing voice work.


  • 2000: Won an Annie Award (Winsor McCay Award)
  • 1999: Won a Young Artist Award for Cinderella (Former Child Star Lifetime Achievement Award)


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