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Lychee nuts

Momo came across a pile of lychee nuts.

The lychee nut is a type of reddish-brown fruit that can be used to make tea[1] or juice.[2] Another use for the lychee nut is to put it into a Fire Nation trap as bait for small animals.[3] The lychee nut is known to grow in the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation[3] as well as around the Western Air Temple.[4]


The lychee nut is also a fruit in the real world, and is native to southeast Asia. It is a nut only in name, as it has a rind covered with blunt spikes that makes it more similar to a berry. It contains inedible seeds separated by white, delicate, grape-like pulp. It would appear that the Avatar World's lychee nut has the same qualities as the real world's, as it is used in juice and tea. This suggests its kinship to berries.


  • Katara makes mention of lychee nuts in Love Potion #8, suggesting that breakfast for the day may be "lychee nut surprise".


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