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Kong is an Earth Kingdom air force engineer on a Ba Sing Se airship tasked with prisoner transport. With the help of Korra and Asami, he and the rest of the crew managed to escape from the Si Wong Desert after their airship crash-landed in the fourth quadrant of the area.[1]


At Fort Bosco, Kong rolled Avatar Korra, bound to a metal plate while in a straitjacket and muzzled to refrain from bending out of her mouth, onto the airship that was taking them toward Ba Sing Se, before retreating into the ship's engine room.

After the ship had crash-landed in quadrant four of the Si Wong Desert, Kong crawled out of a hatch on the roof and asked Arik what had happened, who told the engineer about Asami's attack on him. As Korra apologized for her actions, justifying them as a necessity due to the dangerous forces at work, Kong wondered if those were worse than the dire situation they were in themselves due to being stranded in the desert. He was told by his captain not to worry, as a distress call had been made before they went down and another ship would come pick them up. When Asami suggested they worked together to repair the airship, Kong expressed concern about the feasibility of that plan as the engine room had been flooded with sand. Upon seeing something move under the sand, the engineer worriedly stated that he had heard of spirits haunting the desert since their return to the physical world. Left to choose between fixing the ship or waiting around to meet the unknown force moving the sand, he quickly opted for the former and turned to the captain for support. With the crew in agreement, they all moved to stand behind Korra as she used her airbending to dig the ship out of the sand.

Kong shocked

Kong was left utterly shocked after a sand shark destroyed the airship he was in.

With the airship uncovered, Kong went with Korra to the engine room to clear out the sand there. When Korra reported to Asami that the vessel was sand free, Kong told the girls that the engine room was the cleanest it had looked since it first came off the showroom floor. As Asami finished up welding the rudder, Kong reentered the airship to test the engine at the girl's request. The moment the engine's successfully started, however, the creature they had seen earlier, a sand shark, emerged from the sand and snapped the airship, leaving a stunned Kong in the pilot's seat. As Asami suggested building a makeshift sand-sailer of the remaining metal, Kong and his crewmates were ordered by the captain to gather up the material.

Just as they finished welding their new transportation together, the sand shark reappeared again, forcing Kong and the others to make an immediate escape without first testing the vehicle. After evading the creature twice, the beast nearly swallowed them when it came up underneath them, but Korra saved them with her firebending, allowing the group to escape safely to the Misty Palms Oasis. After Arik pointed their attention to a dragon, wondering if they had all been in the desert too long, Kong and the rest of the crew took the captain's suggestion to get a drink and left for a local cantina, still eying Druk with suspicion.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book Three: Change (易)


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