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The komodo rhino is an animal from the Fire Nation, bred both as a beast of burden and for its meat in komodo sausages.[1]


During the Hundred Year War, the Fire Nation used these creatures as cavalry mounts[2][3][4] or as beasts of burden,[5] often decorating them in red.[1] Komodo rhinos have been used in almost every Fire Nation military operation, such as the Siege of the North[6] and the invasion of the Fire Nation,[7] although they were most prominently used by the Rough Rhinos.[8][9] Because of their widespread use by the Fire Nation Army, Fire Nation boot camps had an exercise designed to train new recruits in how to mount and ride a komodo rhino.[10]


The komodo rhino has a thick, "tough as steel" hide,[11] which serves as natural protection for its body. Three large, curved horns dominate its face; two curving down from its forehead and one curving upward from its snout.

The creature's mouth and jaw structure look somewhat reptilian, but the small ears on either side of its head are mammalian. Its torso resembles that of a rhinoceros but ends in a long, lizard-like tail. The rhino's feet are short, muscular, and clawed.


The komodo rhino resembles both of its namesakes, the Komodo dragon and the rhinoceros.[11] Although it also resembles the ceratopsid dinosaurs, a group that includes Triceratops, Styracosaurus, and Chasmosaurus, the horn configuration is based on rhinoceros beetles.[12]


  • There is a Fire Nation stuffed animal made in the komodo rhino's likeness.[13]
  • Akin to mechanical bulls, a mechanical komodo rhino was available for use at a bar in the Fire Nation.
  • The komodo rhinos shown in the film The Last Airbender do not possess horns like their animated counterparts.
  • After the Hundred Year War, a pro-bending team named itself the Kolau Komodo Rhinos.[14]
  • The komodo rhino was first domesticated by the Fire Nation during the Pho Zel Dynasty.[15]


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