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Kaya lived in a small town with her family in the Earth Kingdom. She met Sokka when Team Avatar stopped by the town in need of rest. Sokka made a comment that led her to believe that he was the Avatar and Sokka, wanting to date her, played along. The ruse continued as she introduced him to her family and showed him off to the locals. When the Rough Rhinos entered the town in search of the Avatar, they mistakenly captured Sokka, prompting Sokka's "sidekicks", Aang, Katara, and Toph, to defend the town while Sokka pretended to bend for the girl's benefit.


While Kaya was shopping at a small stand for fox furs, Team Avatar arrived on Appa, Aang's sky bison, needing rest. They were trying on skins for fun when Sokka remarked to Aang that the skins "[looked] fabulous on [him]". Kaya, believing Sokka was talking to her, asked if he meant his compliment. Baffled, Sokka said that fake fur suited her and asked her out. Insulted by his tone and poor choice of words, she threw the fake skin at him and walked off.

Sokka airbends Kaya

Kaya amazed at Sokka's "airbending".

Sokka continued his attempts at impressing Kaya, telling her that he was an adventurer and asking if she had heard of the Avatar. The girl assumed he meant that he was the Avatar and suddenly grew excited to meet him. Sokka played along with this, performing some simple yet impressive airbending moves, with the help of Aang. Delighted, she fell into his arms and proclaimed that Sokka was her boyfriend, to Sokka's delight. The girl subsequently took him to her house to introduce him to her family.

Even though she promised Sokka she would not tell anyone he was the Avatar, she could not resist and soon word spread to everyone. The locals immediately gathered, asking Sokka for advice, which he uncomfortably yet proudly gave while the girl marveled at him. As Sokka feigned performing his bending abilities for the girl and the crowd, the Rough Rhinos entered the town in search of the Avatar. The girl watched as Sokka's "sidekicks", Aang, Katara, and Toph, supposedly "pretended" to bend and save the village in order to keep the so-called Avatar, Sokka, safe. She promptly walked up to Sokka and proudly kissed him, believing he had actually performed his sidekicks' bending from within the sack Kahchi had used to trap him. As the two began walking off, Kaya asked how Sokka was able to do it and was told that such a feat was not difficult for an Avatar. Aggravated, the "sidekicks" decided that it was time to show the girl who Sokka really was.[1]


Kaya kisses Sokka

Kaya kissing Sokka.

Kaya is a generally cheery person, who also seemed to be fairly self-righteous and shallow, as she felt insulted when Sokka tried to ask her out.[1]


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