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The term "Kaya's town" has not been confirmed by official sources.

Kaya's town is an Earth Kingdom settlement visited by Team Avatar in 100 AG. In search of the Avatar, the Rough Rhinos attacked the area, but were quickly repelled through a combined effort by Aang, Katara, and Toph.[1]


In the spring of 100 AG, Team Avatar stopped at the town to rest. Aang and Sokka found a kiosk selling synthetic fur pelts, and tried on some of the accessories. Sokka remarked that Aang's cap looked fabulous, but a girl named Kaya standing nearby thought he was talking to her. He used this misunderstanding to his advantage, asking Kaya if she wanted to go on a date, but the young woman was disgusted by Sokka's obtrusive attitude and firmly refused. Attempting to fix the situation, Sokka noted that he was journeying with the Avatar, which Kaya misunderstood as a declaration that Sokka was actually the Avatar. He did not object, and with help from Aang, convinced her with a fake airbending demonstration.

Sokka confronts a crowd

Sokka confronting a crowd outside Kaya's house.

Kaya brought Sokka to her house and presented him to her family as her boyfriend. They were ecstatic to meet the Avatar, and soon informed the entire community. Believing Sokka was a wise person, a crowd gathered outside the house to query him about personal issues, ranging from hygiene to marriage. Aang was annoyed by Sokka's attitude and opted not to help him, though the airbender knew his friend was not accustomed to giving advice. Despite Sokka's uncertainty, the town was satisfied by his responses.

Katara and Toph eventually found Sokka. When Kaya asked if they were his servants, Sokka became nervous his friends would get angry, and was forced to avert her statement by describing them as sidekicks. Even so, they still became angry and pressured Sokka to explain the whole incident. He urged them to play along, and when Sokka was asked to bend, Katara and Toph helped him feign waterbending and earthbending. As an expression of her anger, Toph intentionally launched Sokka into the air, but this exposed his location to the Rough Rhinos, who promptly stormed the town. Kahchi captured Sokka using bogo chains, but Team Avatar fought back and saved their friend. Although Sokka did nothing during the battle, Kaya continued to praise Sokka, believing he had actually performed his sidekicks' bending from within the sack Kahchi put him in.[1]


Kaya's town is characterized by its broad dirt pathways and bustling commercial hub. Faux fur products, such as fox pelts, jackets, and scarves, are displayed on a wooden kiosk for customers. Deep-fried pickled radishes are also sold. The settlement's buildings are peach in coloration and exhibit slanted roofs covered with straw; support beams, wall frames, overhangs, roofs, and doors are all made from wood. Kaya's house is located in a more forested area of the town and looks slightly different compared to other structures. It has a yellow exterior color and a wooden porch, but no straw on the roof. Furthermore, the property includes an expansive and flat front yard.[1]