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Katara's diary

Katara wrote in her diary during her trip to the Fire Nation after the fall of Ba Sing Se.

During her trip to the Fire Nation after the fall of Ba Sing Se, Katara kept a diary in which she vented her feelings of frustration and hopelessness.[1]


The diary contained much of the information of Team Avatar's journey to the Fire Nation. It also revealed the frustration that Katara had at the near loss of her friend, Avatar Aang, as well as at the conquering of the Earth Kingdom by the Fire Nation.

It told of the hardships of their journey into enemy territory, as well as Katara's being reunited with her father. She sarcastically noted her anger toward him for abandoning her family. Katara also noted several important points in the diary, such as the departure of Earth King Kuei with his pet bear, the shocking revelation that the world believed Aang to be dead, and her continued hope for a successful invasion of the Fire Nation.[1]


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