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Juno was an orphan under the care of Grandma Lokai. He built a hut not far from Grandma Lokai's Earth Orphanage and had since become a thief, along with three other orphans. He appeared to be a quite temperamental individual.[1]


While lounging in his hut with his friends, Juno encountered Katara and Sokka, who had been separated from the rest of Team Avatar after a storm. Upon landing, Sokka fell on Juno's hut and destroyed it. Juno was outraged by this and wanted Sokka to reimburse the damage he had caused. He and his fellow thieves threatened the duo with Sokka's weapons. Sokka was unable to defend himself as he had broken his arm when he made contact with the hut, so Katara used the little water she carried in her water skin to create a diversion, buying herself and Sokka enough time to make a getaway. The band of thieves gave chase and found the siblings calmly awaiting them at the bank of a river. Katara raised a giant wave of water, forcing Juno and his friends to return their stolen belongings. They did so reluctantly, but when one of Juno's friends threatened and insulted them, Katara and Sokka decided that the thieves could use a "cool-down". The waterbender brought down the wave and washed Juno and his friends away.[1]


Avatar comics

Book Two: Earth (土)


  • Juno did not like water; he was disgusted by it when Katara's wave swept him off his feet and pushed him back.[1]


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