Joshua Middleton is a comic book artist and designer who worked as the main title developer for The Legend of Korra, in addition to being art director for four episodes of Book Two. He also created the artwork of Korra riding Naga that was sold as a limited edition print at the Nickelodeon booth during the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con.

The Legend of Korra credits

Main title developer

Art director

Selected other credits

In comics

  • Wonder Woman Iss. #613, #614 (2011 - covers)
  • Supergirl Iss. #34-51 (2008-2009 - covers)
  • Wonder Woman #30 (May 2009 - cover)
  • Gotham Central #36 (October 2005 - cover)
  • Serenity #3 (September 2005 - cover)
  • Street Fighter #11 (November 2004 - cover and interior short story)
  • X-Men Unlimited
    • #49 (September 2003 - cover)
    • #47 (July 2003 - cover)
    • #42 (April 2003 - interior)
    • #40 (March 2003 - cover)
    • #37 (December 2002 - interior)
  • Sky Between Branches #0 (2001 - cover and interior)

As an illustrator

  • Meeting (2011 - cover)
  • Sidekicks (2011 - cover)
  • The Unknowns (2011 - cover)
  • Thresholds (2010 - cover)
  • The Silver Door (2009 - cover)
  • The Ruby Key (2008 - cover)

Biographical information

Middleton started his career as a comic book artist in 2000 as a penciler for CrossGen's Meridian, written by Barbara Kesel. After that, he joined a small independent British publisher, Com.x, planning to release there his creator-owned series Sky Between Branches; however, he only did a preview issue in early 2002, along with some other work for the publisher.

Following a stint at Marvel, he signed exclusively with DC Comics in 2004. His first DC series was Superman/Shazam: First Thunder, a miniseries that launched in September 2005. Middleton also served as regular cover artist for the Vertigo series American Virgin and DC Comics' Supergirl ongoing series.

Middleton began working for WB Animation in October 2009 as a character designer but was quickly promoted to be an art director for Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

In addition to his comic book work, Joshua Middleton has illustrated book covers for several major publishers, including Scholastic, Abrams, Penguin, Viking, Tor, and Disney Press. Middleton has also served as a conceptual artist and illustrator for feature films produced by Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Disney, Marvel Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Sony Pictures Animation.

In early 2011, Middleton stated that he had decided to leave animation and return to his work in comics.

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