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Joseph Michael Richter is an American actor, singer, and internet personality who voiced Hong Li in one episode of The Legend of Korra.

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Richter co-starred as Ron Weasley in the fan-parody musicals A Very Potter Musical in 2009, A Very Potter Sequel in 2010, and A Very Potter Senior Year in 2012 with Bonnie Gruesen and fellow Glee cast-member Darren Criss, under the University of Michigan theatre group, StarKid Productions. He starred in leading roles in two other StarKid productions: as a fictionalized version of himself in the musicals Me and My Dick in 2009 and Bug in Starship in 2011. Richter graduated from the University of Michigan in 2011. Richter also performed on The SPACE Tour along with several fellow Starkids. In 2012, Richter performed in Starkid's Apocalyptour.

In addition to StarKid projects, Richter starred in a YouTube web series alongside fellow StarKid Joe Walker called Tasty Tests, promoting Red Vines, as well as starring in the independent film Camp Chapel. Richter has appeared in the animated film Khumba and had a recurring role as Officer Petey on the Disney Channel show Jessie, beginning in the episode titled "Badfellas", which premiered April 27, 2012. Richter had originally auditioned for a main role, the bellhop and doorman Tony, but was not cast.


  • Richter shares a birthday with fellow Korra voice actor Zelda Williams.
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