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James Ross "Jim" Meskimen is an American comedian, impressionist, and actor. He provided the voices for Jee, How, Kuruk, and additional characters across ten episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender and later went on to voice Baatar, Kuruk, Daw, and additional characters in The Legend of Korra.

Avatar: The Last Airbender credits

Fire Nation soldier


Character information: Jee


Character information: How


Character information: Kuruk

Additional voices

The Legend of Korra credits

Hunter #1


Character information: Kuruk


Character information: Daw


Reporter #1


Character information: Baatar



Police dispatcher

Air Acolyte

Red Lotus guard #2


Spirit one

Character information: Dragon eel spirit

Bathroom attendant

Character information: Bathroom attendant

Guard post soldier

Character information: Guard post soldier

Train conductor

Mecha suit

Selected other credits

Television work


Other credits

Biographical information

Meskimen is best known for his work on the improvisation show Whose Line Is It Anyway? and as the voice of President George W. Bush and other politicians for the animated shorts on the website Jib Jab. He also voices Thom Cat, Neighbor John, and Stumpy in Random! Cartoons. No further biographical information for this voice actor has been found.

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