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Sokka and Katara were encased in jennamite until Aang completed King Bumi's challenges.

Jennamite, also known as creeping crystal, is a mineral that grows at remarkably fast speeds when it is in contact with organic matter.[1] Though it can be dangerous, it also serves as a delectable snack, considering that it is made of rock candy.[2][3]

The crystal can be fashioned into rings to be placed over a person's finger, where it reacts to the body and starts growing, encasing the wearer of the ring. If not removed timely, the wearer could die from suffocation once the crystal has expanded enough to cover the entire body.[3]


Jennamite rings

The jennamite given to Katara and Sokka started out as a small ring.

In order to force Avatar Aang to complete his three challenges, King Bumi slid a jennamite ring on Katara and Sokka's finger, where the crystal immediately started reacting to the body. By the time Aang successfully passed all three challenges, the crystal was already threatening to engulf the siblings completely. However, Bumi shattered it before it could cut off their air supply, and casually started eating one of the pieces.[3]

During the Day of Black Sun, Bumi snacked on a piece of jennamite after liberating Omashu from the Fire Nation occupiers.[4]

Decades later, a bending triad named themselves after jennamite, calling themselves the Creeping Crystal Triad. Their leader, Jargala Omo, named the triad because of the way jennamite ensnares its victims until they have no escape. The triad decorated their base using the crystal, and Jargala would use it as her preferred type of bending material.

In 174 AG, Korra approached Jargala, angered because she believed Jargala to be responsible for the abdunction of Asami Sato. Jargala attacked Korra using the jennamite she used as lights and decoration inside of the base.[5]

Jargala displays jennamite

Jargala displayed the properties of jennamite to Korra.

Later, Korra approached Jargala again, requesting for her help in finding secret passages throughout Republic City to find the Triple Threat Triad's base, where its leader Tokuga was. Jargala explained the origins of her triad's name, and displayed jennamite's properties by placing some near a plant until it was completely cased in rock. She agreed to Korra's request, and used the glowing properties of the rock to guide them through the dark tunnels, until they were able to reach the base. When they arrived, Jargala attacked Tokuga with some of the creeping crystal, which he was able to catch. However, as he caught the rock, it slowly began to encase him, causing Jargala to remark that "it was time he learned-- don't mess with a creeping crystal". He desperately smashed open the rock using his tentacle arm, freeing himself and continuing to fight.[1]


  • Jennamite was named after Nickelodeon executive Jenna Luttrell.[6]
  • Jennamite glows in the dark and is bright enough to be used as a light source.[1]


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