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Jargala Omo[1] is an earthbending mobster and leader of the Creeping Crystal Triad. In 174 AG, the turf of her triad was challenged by Tokuga and his Triple Threats, though she managed to hold on to her territory due to the timely intervention of the Republic City police.[2]


Following the destruction of downtown Republic City during the invasion of the United Republic of Nations, the triads lost their territory and scattered, engaging each other in a turf wars over the land that was not ravaged by Kuvira and her troops.

Tokuga chi blocks Jargala

Jargala was chi blocked by Tokuga during a turf war between her Creeping Crystals and his Triple Threats.

It was during this chaotic time that Jargala led her Creeping Crystals in the defense of their turf against the Triple Threat Triad. Outnumbering their opponents, they managed to push them into a corner. When Tokuga entered the fight, she told him the Triple Threats should give up. Tokuga rose to the challenge, however, and quickly chi blocked all the Creeping Crystals surrounding him, Jargala included. Although incapacitated, Jargala refused to surrender her turf. Just as Tokuga intended to kill her, however, the Republic City police intervened, and Jargala ordered her Creeping Crystals to retreat, while warning Tokuga that the fight was not over.[2]

One night, Jargala, alongside two members of the Creeping Crystal Triad, visited Asami at her temporary office. When Asami asked her if she could help her, the leader of the triad replied that, in fact, the situation was totally backward. Jargala seemed interested in Asami's construction project, adding that it would be a pity if she would not be able to finish it. In turn, Asami, with an angry face, warned her not to threaten her or call her "sweetheart". The industrialist's response provoked the anger of a member of the triad, who came out in defense of her boss. Jargala ordered him to stop, as she understood that Asami did not want to offend her and instead continued persuading Asami to work with her as, if she accepted, the Creeping Crystal Triad could ensure Asami's protection from Tokuga and his turf. However, once more, Asami denied the petition and showed the earthbender her Electrified glove. Unamused, Jargala asked Asami if she knew how to use that "cute weapon" to which she answered that she would be happy to give her a demonstration. Jargala postponed it for later and left the place, much to the surprise of her partners. However, she told them that, as Asami was not thinking straight, it would be better to leave a couple of days that allow the nonbender to reconsider her offer.

The next night, Jargala was playing pool when Korra, followed by Mako and Bolin, burst into the triad's hideout, looking for Jargala. After seeing how the Avatar easily defeated two of her partners, Jargala told her that she did not like that people barging in on her, least of all the Avatar. Enraged, Korra ignored her warning and asked her where was Asami. Jargala answered her that she was not there, although Korra did not believe her. Jargala encouraged her and her friends to search her in the Creeping Crystal Triad's hideout, and when they did not find her, Jargala reaffirmed herself before warning Korra to disappear from her sight.[1]

Shortly after, the Creeping Crystal Triad was attacked by Tokuga, who came with mecha suits and explosives. Fearing for their safety, the triple threats abandoned their hideout and left their turf to the Triple Threats. They fled to a small abandoned building, and continued to conduct business there. Days later, Jargala earthbent a piece of jennamite, as triad member asked Jargala if she was willing to let Korra in, to which she agreed. Korra approached Jargala, and said she realized that it had been Tokuga who had kidnapped Asami. Jargala asked if she was there to apologize, but Korra instead said she was seeking a deal. She was looking for help using secret passages throughout Republic City to find Tokuga, Jaragala asked if Korra wanted revange, but Korra replied that all she was seeking was Asami's location.

Jargala responded by displaying the properties of jennamite, using it to encase a plant in crystal, displaying the way it encased organic matter until there was no escape. She declared Tokuga was going to remember why the Creeping Crystals had once been the most feared triad in Republic City, and led Korra out through the passages, using the glowing properties of jennamite as a guide. As they reached Tokuga, Jargala and Korra begun attacking the Triple Threats. Jargala encased a mecha suit in jennamite, as she turned to throw the rock she had used as a guide at him. Tokuga caught the rock, remarking she'd need something stronger to throw him off, until the jennamite begun encasing his arm. Jargala stood over him and remarked that it was time he learned not to mess with a creeping crystal. Tokuga smashed the rock open, and fled, and Jargala announced to her triad and the Avatar that he was escaping with Asami. Korra began to run after Asami, yelling at Jargala to come with her. Jargala said she was not leaving her turf in the hands of "goons", and continued to fight off the Triple Threats, shouting at Korra to go without her.[3]


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