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Jargala is an earthbending mobster and leader of the Creeping Crystal Triad. In 174 AG, the turf of her triad was challenged by Tokuga and his Triple Threats, though she managed to hold on to her territorium due to the timely intervention of the Republic City police.[1]


Following the destruction of downtown Republic City during the invasion of the United Republic of Nations, the triads lost their territory and scattered, engaging each other in a turf wars over the land that was not ravaged by Kuvira and her troops.

Tokuga chi blocks Jargala

Jargala was chi blocked by Tokuga during a turf war between her Creeping Crystals and his Triple Threats.

It was during this chaotic time that Jargala led her Creeping Crystals in the defense of their turf against the Triple Threat Triad. Outnumbering their opponents, they managed to push them into a corner. When Tokuga entered the fight, she told him the Triple Threats should give up. Tokuga rose to the challenge, however, and quickly chi blocked all the Creeping Crystals surrounding him, Jargala included. Although incapacitated, Jargala refused to surrender her turf. Just as Tokuga intended to kill her, however, the Republic City police intervened, and Jargala ordered her Creeping Crystals to retreat, while warning Tokuga that the fight was not over.[1]


Graphic novel trilogies


  • Jargala is inspired from South Asian culture, mostly influenced by Bangladeshi and Indian culture.[2]


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