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The iguana seal is a creature that inhabits the outlying islands of the Fire Nation.[1] It enjoys swimming and is acclimated to life in hot, humid areas, where it is typically found.


Sailors used to believe that the call of the iguana seal was that of a mermaid. However, upon finding the source of these sounds, sailors were disappointed to realize that they were only animals and killed them for food.[2]


The iguana seal has the torso of an iguana and the flippers of a seal. It is usually green or blue in color, with a darker line of thorn-like spikes that run along its spine from the top of the skull down to the tip of the tail.


The iguana seal is a hybrid of the real-world seal and marine iguana of the Galápagos Islands, which is able to swim.


  • The iguana seal legends strongly resemble those of sirens in ancient Greek mythology. Essentially, sirens would lure sailors using their beautiful, harmonious calls, and, once the sailors arrived, the sirens would kill them. This is similar to how iguana seals would accidentally lure sailors with their beautiful calls. However, in this case, the sailors kill the iguana seals instead.


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