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Earth Kingdom emblem
Huan's sculpture

Huan's sculpture, representing Harmonic Convergence, was misidentified as a banana by Bolin.

This metal sculpture, created by Huan in 171 AG, is a work of art composed of various types of metals, distinguished by their gray tone. Inspired by Harmonic Convergence, it represents the dawning of a new age.


While Huan was in the process of metalbending this sculpture, Team Avatar came to greet him. Bolin commented on the appearance of the sculpture, stating it to resemble a banana and prompting an offended Huan to explain the meaning behind the artwork. Although Bolin openly agreed with the artist, he still retained his belief that it was a banana.[1]

During a duel between Lin and Suyin, the sculpture was hurled at Suyin, who deflected it and crashed it into a wall, leaving the metal deformed and twisted. Horrified, Huan ran over to assess the damage and concluded the new look to be an improvement to his original work.[2]


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