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Hong Li is a member of the Metal Clan in Zaofu and serves as part of the city's metalbending guard. In 171 AG, he was accused of aiding the Red Lotus in a failed attempt to kidnap Avatar Korra, although his name was cleared shortly after when details of Aiwei's involvement came to light.[1]


Su berates Hong Li

Hong Li was berated by Suyin Beifong for supposedly betraying the Metal Clan.

After Zaheer and his cabal infiltrated Zaofu in 171 AG, Hong Li was questioned along with the other guards to determine who was involved in the attempted kidnapping of Avatar Korra. While being interrogated by Aiwei, Hong Li stated that he was born and raised in Zaofu, but raised suspicion from the truth seer once he insisted that he did not know Zaheer and his companions. Hong Li denied helping the criminals enter the city, but he was accused of lying by Aiwei, who identified him as the traitor. Suyin Beifong berated Hong Li for betraying the Metal Clan and pressured him to admit the whereabouts of the four criminals, but the latter merely refuted Aiwei's claims and insisted that he was not involved. A search of his apartment led Team Avatar to find a note from Korra's assailants as well as a copy of the guards' logbook, compromising his innocence even further. Although he was detained, Hong Li's name was cleared when Aiwei's involvement with the Red Lotus came to light.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book Three: Change (易)


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