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Northern Water Tribe


Water Tribe




83 AG

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Yue (political betrothal)


Northern Water Tribe


Fire Nation, Admiral Zhao, Sokka

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Northern Water Tribe

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"The Siege of the North, Part 1"

Last appearance

"The Siege of the North, Part 2"

Voiced by

Ben Diskin

Hahn was a slick, career-minded soldier who resided in the Northern Water Tribe and was focused solely on the Hundred Year War. Due to Hahn's high ranking, Chief Arnook arranged a marriage between the soldier and Princess Yue. However, this marriage never took place due to Yue's death. Often considered by women as the most handsome warrior in the Northern Tribe, Hahn preoccupied himself with making a good impression on his superiors.[2]

Although he was not a waterbender, he showed skill in handling a variety of weapons and was a respected warrior, having been chosen to lead a secret attack on the Fire Navy's commanding officer during the Siege of the North. These skills, however, were not as impressive as he thought them to be, as during the mission, Hahn was unable to effectively attack the fleet's commanding officer, Admiral Zhao.


Hahn was arranged to be married to Princess Yue prior to the latter's sixteenth birthday. He was not opposed to the idea, even though Yue did not appear to have a romantic interest in him. He did not seem to like her much either, but was more interested in the ideas of becoming royalty and the "perks" that would come with being related to the chief.

As the Fire Nation began assaulting the Northern Water Tribe, Hahn volunteered himself for a mission to attack the invaders. During the task force's preparation, he became acquainted with Sokka and developed a strong disregard for him. Sokka immediately recognized Hahn's shallowness and his lack of love for Yue and, therefore, did not act respectfully toward him. Hahn mocked Sokka for being a mere Southern Water Tribesman and for his concern over his engagement to the tribal princess. The two physically fought each other when Sokka's hatred for Hahn boiled over, resulting in Sokka being relieved from his duties; however, Hahn showed no remorse whatsoever for the altercation.[1]

Zhao threw Hahn overboard

After revealing his identity, Hahn was thrown overboard by Zhao.

Hahn's secret mission to ambush the attacking Fire Nation fleet's admiral ended abruptly. Disguised in an outdated Fire Nation military uniform, Hahn infiltrated Zhao's ship undetected and planned to attack the admiral. However, rather than stealthily sneaking up on Zhao, Hahn revealed his identity, shouted to the commanding officer, whom he again mistakenly called "Choi", and charged at him. Without interrupting his conversation, Zhao nonchalantly dodged Hahn's assault, hurling him overboard.[3]


Hahn was self-centered, egotistical, and conceited, with a deep desire to gain a higher political rank. He was somewhat ignorant, due to his engrossment in himself and rarely thought twice about his actions, which subsequently led to his defeat at the hands of Admiral Zhao. He seemingly enjoyed mocking Sokka by consistently talking of his engagement to Yue, irritating Sokka deeply. Hahn's known interests included sharpening his weapons, courting girls, and ensuring his hair looked good. He was terrible at remembering names.[2]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)


Sokka and Hahn fight

Sokka and Hahn's argument over Princess Yue escalated into a physical confrontation.

  • Hahn proved himself incapable of remembering and correctly pronouncing certain names, mistakenly saying Admiral Zhao's name as both "Admiral Choi" and "Admiral Cho", and Sokka's name with a long "O".
  • Hahn courted several girls before his engagement with Princess Yue, but stated Yue was the finest and "[came] with the most perks", much to the annoyance of Sokka.[1]
  • Hahn was one of the few members of the Water Tribe who did not have the sound "uh" in his name.


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