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Ghashiun was a member of a sandbender tribe who resided within the Si Wong Desert. He was the adolescent son of Sha-Mo and his late wife Yulduz. Ghashiun normally spent his days riding around the Si Wong on sand-sailers with his gang of friends, usually getting into trouble and stealing anything that was not well guarded.[2]


Ghashiun had been somewhat adrift emotionally ever since his mother, Yulduz, died of skin cancer, a common affliction for people living in the sun-drenched Si Wong Desert. His relationship with his father was distant at best and Ghashiun's lying and stealing only added to the schism between the two.[2]

When Toph was preoccupied trying to keep Wan Shi Tong's Library from sinking with the rest of Team Avatar still inside, Ghashiun and others from his tribe arrived, seizing the opportunity to kidnap an unguarded Appa.[3] After Appa proved to be too much to handle, he traded the flying bison to some beetle-headed merchants who were planning to take him to Ba Sing Se and sell him on the black market. As the sandbenders began to take off, Appa started shaking the merchants' transport trailer, to which Ghashiun mockingly replied that he was now the merchants' problem, laughing as he left.[4]

Sha-Mo and Ghashiun

Ghashiun and Sha-Mo were shocked to learn that they were dealing with the Avatar.

Ghashiun's tribe came to Team Avatar's rescue when they were being attacked by a swarm of buzzard wasps, scaring the flying creatures away. When Katara explained why they were traveling through their lands on a sand-sailer they had found, which, unbeknownst to them, had been stolen, Ghashiun was quick to scold her for accusing his people of theft while pointing out that they were the ones piloting a stolen sand-sailer. This argument caused Toph to recognize Ghashiun's voice, and she was quick to identify him as Appa's kidnapper. Aang furiously confronted Ghashiun, demanding that he tell them what he did with his bison. Ghashiun persisted in his innocence, but was forced to give up his act when Toph stated that he had ordered a muzzle to be put on Appa. Furious, Aang destroyed their sand-sailers and entered the Avatar State. Desperate to avoid being killed by the enraged Avatar, Ghashiun confessed his crime and offered to provide the group safe passage through the desert. The enraged Avatar did not react to this proposal, and Sokka urged the sandbenders to flee. Due to Katara's successful attempt at calming Aang down, Ghashiun and his tribe survived Aang's rampage.[1]


Ghashiun was not a particularly kind young man, having no qualms about taking the belongings and possessions of others when they were not guarded. He also demonstrated little sympathy for others, as he took off laughing at the beetle-headed merchants when they had problems with Appa. He did, however, demonstrate remorse for his actions when faced with someone more powerful than himself, offering to give Team Avatar safe travel through the desert after Aang triggered the Avatar State.[1]




Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)


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