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This page is about the animal that Korra encountered in the Foggy Swamp. For the animal in Forgetful Valley that was affected by the Mother of Faces, see squirrel toad.

The frog squirrel is a small hybrid mammal with the body of a squirrel and some characteristics of a frog. It dwells in the Foggy Swamp and jumped on Korra's shoulder after she was knocked down in a sparring match with Toph Beifong.[1]


The frog squirrel has pale, olive green-colored fur with a lighter green stripe running over its back and underside of its bushy tail. A more vibrant green colors its belly and the membranes between its toes. The animal has two large, yellow eyes situated right underneath its two small ears and it has a vocal sac to amplify its croak.[1]


As implied in the name, the animal is a cross between the frog and the squirrel. The frog squirrel largely resembles the mammal in bodily appearance, though it shares its color, webbed feet, vocal sac, and eyes with its amphibian namesake. The facial features are a mix between the two. The frog squirrel also hops like a frog, though shares the more nimble nature of the squirrel.


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