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This article is about the tile game. For the four nations of the Avatar World, see Four nations.
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The following information is not considered canon.

Four Nations owned tiles

These are all the available game pieces in Four Nations, prior to the player randomly being dealt five tiles.

Four Nations is a two-player tile game. Each player randomly selects five tiles from a pool of all the tiles currently available to him or her. These tiles have two of the symbols of the four nations on one side, or a special black Avatar tile, which acts as a wildcard.

The goal of the game is to be the first to use all five tiles in the pool by laying one of the tiles diagonally adjacent to a matching symbol that is already in place. Some tiles have two matching symbols – called a "double" – and, if placed, the player can choose whether or not to place another tile. The match is won if a player uses all of his or her tiles, or if the opposing player cannot place a matching tile.

The game is played by villagers in order to win items. Sometimes the items are tiles themselves, either doubles or the Avatar tile, which Aang adds to his inventory to be used in later matches.[1]


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