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The term "Fire Warriors" has not been confirmed by official sources.

The Fire Warriors were an order of female warriors based in the Fire Nation.[1] Shortly after the end of the Hundred Year War, the Fire Warriors impersonated the Kemurikage and began abducting children in the Fire Nation Capital, with the intention of forcing Fire Lord Zuko into adopting autocratic policies consistent with Ozai and Azula's beliefs.[2]


After evading capture by escaping into the Forgetful Valley in 102 AG, Azula began to formulate plans to shape Zuko into the type of Fire Lord she once aspired to become. To this end, she liberated Zirin and several other women from institutions and formed the Fire Warriors.[2]

Kemurikage threaten Ukano

The Fire Warriors threatened Ukano and his family.

Having remembered the seclusion and relative obscurity of the Garden of Tranquil Souls, Azula used the burial grounds as the organization's headquarters. She convinced Ukano to comply with the group's plans and used his funds to create a base of operations and a makeshift prison in one of the unoccupied crypts.

In order to propagate fear among Fire Nation citizens, the Fire Warriors impersonated the Kemurikage and began to abduct children from the Fire Nation Capital. They also forced Ukano to assassinate Fire Lord Zuko using the help of the New Ozai Society, threatening to hurt his family if he did not accomplish this task.[3]

After the New Ozai Society failed to kill Fire Lord Zuko upon his return to the Fire Nation Capital, Azula decided to abduct Tom-Tom as a way of personally involving Zuko in the investigation, given that it would also involve Mai.[4] Shortly thereafter, the Fire Warriors broke into Constable Sung's home and abducted Guri, managing to subdue both parents after a short altercation. Subsequent abductions caused increasing unrest among the citizens and forced Zuko to adopt stricter policies to handle the situation.

One night, a small group of Fire Warriors led by Azula attempted to enter the Fire Nation Royal Palace undetected in order to abduct Kiyi, but they were discovered by Fire Lord Zuko, Avatar Aang, and the Kyoshi Warriors. During the altercation that ensued, one of the Fire Warriors generated lightning, prompting Zuko to conclude that it was Azula. The Fire Warriors eventually subdued the group and fled the scene.

Zuko, Aang, Mai, and Kei Lo eventually found the hidden passageway leading to the Garden of Tranquil Souls with help from Ty Lee and promptly subdued several Fire Warriors who were guarding the grounds. Zuko subsequently pursued Azula, while the rest of the group freed the children and incapacitated the Fire Warriors who were guarding the crypt. Azula and several Fire Warriors managed to escape the graveyard during the altercation.

Sometime after, the remaining Fire Warriors listened to Zuko's proclamation to his citizens from a nearby rooftop, before vanishing.[2]



  • The Fire Warriors were designed to serve as the Fire Nation's version of the Kyoshi Warriors.[1]
  • The Fire Warriors were initially meant to play a role within The Promise trilogy, but the storyline did not allow for their inclusion. As a result, they were repurposed to serve as the main antagonists for the Smoke and Shadow trilogy.[5]


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