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This Fire Navy officer was a subordinate of Admiral Chan during the Hundred Year War, from whom he frequently received his orders. He would easily become upset when not given commands and had the tedious task of making sure all the Fire Nation ships in the East and West Lakes were where they were supposed to be.[2]


This man was the officer who intercepted the Avatar's ship as he and his allies traveled toward the Fire Nation in disguise. In order to maintain a low profile, Aang was forced to hide himself while Hakoda and Bato, disguised as Fire Nation Navy men, tried to convince the officer that there were no problems, as their ship was assumed to be a Western Fleet vessel that should have been heading toward Ba Sing Se. When they said they were from the Eastern Fleet and sending supplies back home, the officer got annoyed by the fact that Admiral Chan failed to send them a proper notice and let the group proceed onward.

However, one of his escorts informed him that Admiral Chan was currently on leave on Ember Island and, therefore, never gave the ship orders to head home. The officer deduced that the intercepted vessel was a captured ship and ordered it to be sunk. Thanks to Toph's quick intervention, the officer and his escorts were thrown overboard, giving the group time to depart. The officer gave chase, catapulting large flaming boulders toward the pursued ship. His efforts ceased when the serpent from the Serpent's Pass appeared out of the blue and caught one of the oncoming projectiles. The serpent, in an act of retaliation, turned and constricted the officer's vessel.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)


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