Fire Nation emblem
Fire Nation trap

Momo was briefly ensnared in a Fire Nation trap.

A Fire Nation trap is forged from metal and designed with a spring loaded mechanism to capture animals and people alike.[1] It is similar to the common hunting rope trick, but rather than rope, it utilizes metal springs that lock after weight is applied. Unlike other hunting traps, once activated, it hoists the trapped creature high up above the ground, making it harder to escape. The prey can only be released by unlatching and opening the trap, which is only possible from the outside. Berries and lychee nuts are commonly used as bait, and naturally found items such as twigs and leaves are used to hide the trap.[2]


When Aang, Katara, and Sokka were walking through the forest near Gaipan, Momo spotted some lychee nuts. The lemur could not resist and ran straight into the trap. It did not take long, however, for Aang to come and lower Momo's trap out of the tree so Sokka could release the animal. The trio noticed that there were two other traps suspended in the tree containing hog monkeys, which they also set free using Sokka's boomerang.

When Sokka was later captured by Smellerbee and Pipsqueak, he managed to escape by luring them into two of these traps.[2]

Known victims


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