Fire Nation emblem
Fire Nation train

The train's engine was made of metal and decorated with Fire Nation insignias.

The Fire Nation train is a form of transportation used in the Fire Nation. It is managed and kept in working order by an engineer and conductor.[1]


Sho, Avatar Aang, and Sokka rode this train once in 100 AG. A battle ensued when it was discovered that Combustion Man was also aboard the train, during which it was wrecked and rendered unusable.[1]


The train was powered by fire, which emitted smoke that billowed through two pipes on top of the engine, while two headlights on the lower front of the engine provided illumination when needed. The interior of the locomotive had many pipes, levers, and meters, all of which were metallic, while the passenger cars themselves were mostly wooden and had several windows with two panes of glass divided by a wooden bar and bordered by a red curtain.[1]

Known passengers


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