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The term "Fire Nation bar" has not been confirmed by official sources.

The Fire Nation bar is a busy tavern in the Fire Nation that exclusively serves male customers.[1]


Toph and Katara visited the bar one day in 100 AG. However, the bouncer told them that the bar was not a place for "little girls". After being turned away, the two reentered the bar dressed as men. Inside, they saw a mechanical komodo rhino being ridden by several other visitors.

Katara, compelled to prove her toughness to Toph, mounted the komodo rhino and began riding. The last rider of the machine warned Katara to keep both arms on the bull, but she did not listen and went flying into his friend. The patron's friend yelled at Katara, who insulted him in turn. A fight nearly ensued, but Toph dragged Katara away from the laughing bar patron and his friend.[1]


The bar is a men-only facility; even its waiters are male. If any female tries to enter, the bouncer, a burly man, orders them to leave. The menu consists of steaks, sausages, and drinks, among other delicacies. There are few windows and tables which are scattered around the layout of the building. At the very end of the bar is a mechanical komodo rhino that the patrons attempt to ride as long as they can without being thrown off. There are also stairs leading to the second floor.[1]


  • The bar bears resemblance to the saloons commonly found in American cities during the Wild West.
    • Among its typical features is the 'batwing' style door, which is also found in the Fire Nation bar.


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