Fire Nation emblem

Ye Niu Bay is a protected natural harbor located relatively near to the Eastern Air Temple. It is the site of a Fire Nation colony and military garrison presided over by Commander Kanku.


Zuko and Iroh landed at this colony on their way to the Eastern Air Temple. However, Commander Kanku vehemently refused to give him maps of the area or resupply him in order to keep the Fire Lord's favor. Returning to his ship, Zuko encountered a thief in a red mask looting his storage. After attending the local Fire Festival, he recognized the thief as the traveling actor Hong Shen, locally known as the Red Spirit. The talented firebender had been robbing the Fire Nation garrison in this disguise for some months to help the local people. Hong Shen agreed to help Zuko steal the maps if he would assist him with another task, and gives him the Blue Spirit mask as a disguise. After completing the mission, it was revealed that Kanku was keeping Shen's son Zhen as a hostage in order to coerce him to enlist in the military. When Zuko was confronted by this cruelty, he became emotionally distraught, and after hearing Shen insult the Fire Lord, he nearly attacked the two; however, he restrained himself and fled into the forest instead.


  • "Ye niu" (野牛) means "bison" in Chinese.


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