Dude, Of course Bryke will use the voice actor who is suitable for that character, that's not hard to figure out. -.-....Its got nothing to do with race for voice actors in the series. Bryke has all races for voice actors from white, black, Asian, etc. to match up with the character's personality in the series. But don't change the category, that's got nothing to do with the film.

Dude TLA only made 130+ million in the U.S. That's Crap!...even with full Caucasian cast the movie still went negative in profits and still was a EPIC FAIL...American/European MKT it doesn't matter almost everyone to every race said this movie SUCKED...only very few like you think this movie was smash hit. By the results and reviews of this movie a full white cast as the protagonist/main heroes means nothing!

This movie only made 300 + mill because the millions of fans. NOT because of a Caucasian cast period. =.="