@KaneC: Why can't I use Red Cliff? Others been using Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to make their point. Red Cliff at least is a recent example, made more money than James Cameron's Titanic in Asia but did lousy in the states. It has JOHN WOO as the director, and he is already established and well-known in the states. Why can't they make Red Cliff work? If you know the answer to that, then you know why Paramount insisted having some whites in the cast. Even M.Night had to get Paramount to sign-off on Dev Patel. If it wasn't for Slumdog Millionaire, Dev wouldn't be in the film, even as Sokka.

@TAF: I've meet those white boys. They don't even know who Ming-Na or Sammo Hung is. As far as I am concerned, they're just jumping on the haters' bandwagon, not genuinely interested in creating "opportunities for Asians".