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This farmer and his wife were a hardworking farming couple who lived in the Earth Kingdom. Locals continually insisted the two would eventually marry, which ultimately occurred.[2]


In 100 AG, the couple encountered a sleeping Appa in their storage room after the flying bison had escaped the Fire Nation circus. The farmer became frightened, attempting to ward the startled beast away with a pitchfork. His wife brought a small torch with her, which terrified Appa due to his pyrophobia. Appa subsequently destroyed the store room in his panic and flew away, leaving the couple dazed.[1]


While hardworking, the couple was somewhat humorless and superstitious. As such, their fun-loving neighbors liked to tease them with the occasional crop circle or a dead bird in the well.[2]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)


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