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No Such Thing as Easy (Changing Fates)

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Zune Kasai is the capital city of the Fire Nation and the home of the Fire Lord, his family, and many nobles, including Emi Kazuko. It is also the location of the Zune Kasai Prison and the Elite Nation Academy.

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One of the most significant things occurring at the capital was the creation of the Elite Nation Academy on the Royal Palace site. This school trains skilled warriors to grow the Fire Nation's ever growing military and navy.


As the capital of the Fire Nation, the city is home to the administration of the Fire Nation and of the Fire Nation colonies. This relatively small administration is under the direct control of the Fire Lord, and includes many high generals such as Kuzai and Hiro. These generals are casually known as Warlords. The Fire Nation capital is also home to the religious authority of the Fire Nation, the Fire Sages.

Layout and Description

The capital city is designed to be impenetrable by any military forces. It is divided into several main parts: the Harbor, the Royal Plaza, and the Royal Caldera City in the crater at the summit of the volcano.


Elite Nation Academy

This school trains the most skilled firebenders and weapons users in the nation. Students specialize in different areas depending on their abilities. Often they are sent on missions during their school years. When they have graduated, they are sent to various special military groups.

Zune Kasai Prison

A prison where many traitors of the Fire Nation are sent. People who protested in the colonies were also sent here. Some of these people include Taiyo, Brek, and Akira.

Notable Figures

  • Fire Lord Ozai
  • Azula
  • Ty Lee
  • Mai
  • Zuko
  • Emi
  • Chan
  • Kiara

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