By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
Kyoshi Island
Zula (Kyoshi) Island
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South Sea


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Fire Nation Capital

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Absolute Monarchy

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Fire Nation gold coin


Ty Lee

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The World Like it Shouldn't Be

Zula Island (former: Kyoshi Island) is a small island off the southern coast of the Earth Kingdom, dotted with many small villages. It was famous as the birthplace of Avatar Kyoshi, who created the island to stop Chin The Conqueror from taking it.


Before and During the War

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Siege of Kyoshi Island

Main article: Fanon:Siege of Kyoshi Island

When Ozai and Azula conquered the Earth Kingdom, Kyoshi Island was the last thing that stood between a global victory for the Fire Nation. The Fire Nation besieged the island for weeks under the command of Mai and Ty Lee, and eventually the people became starved. The Kyoshi Warriors attempted to assassinate the leader of the army at night during a sneak attack but were seen by Ty Lee, whom quickly overwhelmed and killed them. The Fire Nation marched into the island, renaming it to Zula Island.


After the Siege, Zula Island became a popular vacation resort for Fire Nation nobles. The actual civilians became slaves and had to work hard to comfort the tourists in any way they can. One of them was Mina, a girl who was also bound to slavery. She stood up against the Fire Nation and was thrown in prison, were she found a note with an escape plan. She tried to convince other slaves, but that failed and Mina escaped alone.

Notable Figures


  • Zula Island is actually named after Azula's original name

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