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Zuko (tRR)
Biographical information



Fire Nation

Birth place

Fire Nation Capital


Fire Nation Royal Palace




83 AG

Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Personal information
Weapon of choice
  • Fire
  • Dual Dao Swords
Bending style(s)



Ozai, Azula, Azulon, Ursa, Sozin, Roku,Iroh


Avatar Aang, Hokai, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Iroh, Kuei


Admiral Shinzou, Azula, Ozai

Chronological and political information
  • Fire Lord
  • Prince of the Fire Nation (formerly)
  • Blue Spirit (formerly)
  • Tea Shop assistant (formerly)
  • Fire Nation
  • Team Avatar

Avatar Aang

Fire Lord Zuko is the current Fire Lord and leader of the Fire Nation. He was an important figure during the war, being Avatar Aang's Firebending master.


Zuko was born in 83 AG to the then Prince Ozai and mother Ursa. He was also the nephew of the legendary General Iroh. He was the obvious favorite of Ursa, who showed him most of her love and affection, but was neglected by his Father.

He became the Heir to the throne when his Grandfather, Fire Lord Azulon died and was succeeded by his father, Ozai. In 97 AG, Zuko had had his most life changing experience, when he was forced to duel his father in an Agni Kai and got burned for not willing to fight. After the duel Zuko was banished and sent on a search for the Avatar.

He set on a journey to capture the Avatar with his Uncle, General Iroh and found the Avatar and his new friends at the South Pole. After several months of chasing Team Avatar Zuko and Iroh made it to the Earth Kingdom Capital, Ba Sing Se as refugees. There, he met his sister Azula and together they defeated the Avatar, but he was saved by his friend Katara.

Zuko then travelled to the Fire Nation as a War Hero and his father finally accepted him. He was still unhappy as he betrayed the only person that truly loved him, Iroh.

During the failed Invasion of the Fire Nation, Zuko rejected his father and decided to help the Avatar and end the War. He met with the Avatar in the Western Air Temple and after several attempts became a member of the Gaang. He taught Aang how to Firebend.

During Sozin's Comet, Zuko and Katara travelled to the Fire Nation Capital, where Zuko battled his sister, Azula. He was hit by lighting when he tried to save Katara, who ultimately defeated his sister.

As Azula and Ozai lay defeated, Zuko was coronated and became the new Fire Lord. As his first act, he ended the Hundred Year War. But peace was only an illusion, as Admiral Shinzou already assembled his forces and rebelled against Zuko. Zuko was an important figure during the revolt, informing the rest of the Gaang about operations of the Red Revolt and the Dai Li. Later, he lead the task force to the North Pole, where he and the Gaang would battle Azula, the new leader of the Red Revolt.

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