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Fire Lord Zuko
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Fire Nation


84 AG

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5 ft. 10 in.

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Dao Swords

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Fire Lord


Fire Nation




Aang, Lu Ten, Ursa II


50,000 Gold Pieces

Zuko is one of the main targets in Avatar: Wanted. After the defeat of Ozai, Zuko led the Fire Nation into a new era of peace.

The Assassin Nero

Three years after Ozai's defeat and world is at peace. Zuko has married Mai and fathered two children, his son Lu Ten, and his daughter Ursa II. Zuko has led the Fire Nation well with the help of Iroh. Unfortunately someone is not happy with the way the war turned and has hired a dangerous group of assassins to kill him and the rest of Team Avatar. The first one sent is a man named Nero.

The First Battle and Loss of Family

Zuko prepares for a visit from Avatar Aang. During Aang's visit Zuko receives news that his father's been murdered and his sister's next. Zuko leaves immediately to get his his sister out and Aang accompanies him. When they arrive at the place Azula is being kept they discover it ablaze in black flames. A young man is waiting for them. The man introduces him self as Fanon:Nero and immediately attacks the two. The three have a fierce Agni Kai, but Aang and Zuko defeat him, but before Zuko can finish him he is distracted by a blood curdling scream. Zuko and Aang leave Nero and rush into the burning building to save who ever screamed. They find Azula fatally burned.

Convincing the Wife and Beginning the Hunt

Zuko gathers his equipment to pursue Nero. On his way out he encounters Mai who tries unsuccessfully to talk him out of the idea. Only after promising to see her and the kids in a month at their summer home on Ember Island. Zuko then confronts Aang who doesn't even try to talk him out of it but instead offers his help. The two set off for the Earth Kingdom to find Toph.

The Finding of Sokka and Suki

Zuko's role in this chapter is small due to the chapter mainly being about Nero's past. Aang and Zuko arrive in Omashu and immediately begin their search for Toph. Zuko searches the lower part of the city and comes across Sokka and Suki, almost accidentally attacking them with his dao swords. Once the happy little reunion is over, Zuko and the rest of Team Avatar decide to hunt down Nero before he finds them.

Six Against One

Zuko is talking with the others about Nero before they turn in for the night. The next day Nero attacks the entire team. During the fight Zuko attacked with his most powerful fireblasts, but was overpowered by Nero's black fire. By the end of the duel Nero had been captured and Zuko was poised to finish him, but Aang interfered and talked him out of it. Once Nero escapes however Zuko tries to cut him down with his dual swords, only to be defeated by a swift kick to the chin. He escapes with the rest of the team when Appa saves them.

Zuko's Airborne Agni Kai

Zuko states that the universe appears to hate them as Nero flies after them. Zuko begins a ferocious assault that temporarily slows Nero down, but doesn't stop him. He watches with the rest of Team Avatar as Aang duels Nero.

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