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Fire Lord Zuko
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Zuko, one of the main characters in The Weatherbenders, is the current Fire Lord, having taken over after the fall of Ozai and the end of the War. He is a master Firebender, and is also capable of using Weatherbending's Fire forms.


83 - 97 AG

Zuko was born in 83 AG, to his father, then-Prince Ozai and his mother, Ursa. He was also the nephew of the legendary General Iroh. He became the older brother to Princess Azula, born two years later.

Zuko was commonly favored by Ursa, receiving most of her love and attention. However, Ozai largely neglected Zuko, favoring Azula. Ursa disappeared in 95 AG under mysterious consequences, greatly affecting the young Prince.

He became heir to the throne as Ozai took over following the mysterious death of Azulon the same night Ursa disappeared. In 97 AG, Zuko had one of his most life-changing experiences when he spoke out of turn at a war meeting. He was forced to duel his own father in Agni Kai, which he refused. Ozai burned Zuko and banished him for cowardice and dishonor.

97 - 100 AG

Zuko was only allowed to return if he could capture the lost Avatar, Aang. He set out with Uncle Iroh to track him down. Two years later, they found him and his new friends first at the Southern Water Tribe. After two months of chasing them to the North, they eventually made their way to the Earth Kingdom. In Ba Sing Se, Zuko betrayed Iroh during the coup of the city to help Azula, as she had promised him his honor back.

Over time, however, Zuko regretted his decision. He later betrayed the Fire Nation during the Day of Black Sun to join Team Avatar, and taught Aang Firebending.

Zuko later combined with Katara to defeat Azula in a battle for the throne. He was coronated Fire Lord a week after Ozai and Azula were defeated.

During the War, Zuko met his current love interest, Mai. The two had an on-and-off relationship through the Summer of 100 AG, and resumed it after the War.

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After the War

As Fire Lord, Zuko was saddled with the large-scale task of re-uniting the war-torn Fire Nation. He had to deal with opposition, including a revolt which required the assistance of Aang to end. Since this, however, Zuko had little difficulty.

The Weatherbenders continuity


This changed when Zuko was made aware of severe deviations in the weather over the Fire Nation in the summer of 102 AG. After failing to arrive at a conclusion with Aang, he was called into the Spirit World along with Aang and Katara. There, he learned of the art of Weatherbending, and received enlightenment in Fire's Weatherbending form through Avatar Zentai. With that, he set off with Team Avatar on a new journey, and appointed his closest adviser, General Tizou, as acting Fire Lord.

Losing his nation

In chapter five, Team Avatar encountered The Meteorologists. Zuko teamed up with Aang against Zorro. Zuko fought hard, but was defeated early. Mai stood in for him, but to eventually no avail. Zuko and the rest of the team were overwhelmed when Zorro and Ezan performed the Weatherbending move of heat manipulation. They were all taken to the Southern Water Tribe for healing.

While there, Zuko and Mai learned of Ty Lee's death, and he broke the news to Team Avatar. While he was saddened, he worked well to comfort Mai and helped the team re-gather themselves.

Zorro and the Meteorologists later took the Fire Nation Capital from Tizou's control, thus making Zorro the Fire Lord and deposing Zuko from power. To this news, Zuko acted angrily, smashing a hole in a wall in the South Pole's healing huts. Now, Zuko must work to restore his position on the throne once more.

Trust in Reeaki and training

When Reeaki made his way to the team, Zuko trusted him after his backstory matched the descriptions of what the spirits had told him, Aang and Katara about their Weatherbending instructor.

Together, Zuko and Aang learned the Firebending arts of Weatherbending, in addition to lightning generation. His mind cleared, Zuko was able to master these arts with little trouble.

A week into their training session, Zuko received a letter from Uncle Iroh, calling them to Ba Sing Se.

Within the Earth Kingdom

Zuko continued to feel guilt and shame for losing the Fire Nation to Zorro, however, his uncle gave him inspiring words during their time in Ba Sing Se.

After this, Team Avatar met with the Council of Five, a meeting that revealed that a rebellion against Zorro was taking place, a rebellion Zuko promised to help no matter what. After this meeting, he joined Aang, Katara, and Reeaki on a trip to the Spirit World, where they received a warning from the spirits they had met. They needed to stop the Meteorologists before their Weatherbending made affects to climate irreverseble.

Conflict and resolution

After a verbal altercation broke out between Mai and Katara, Zuko rose up to defend his girlfriend when Aang and Sokka stood up for Katara. The three young men fell into a physical fight while Katara and Mai fought. The fight was quickly broken up by Toph, and after this, Zuko apologized to Aang, Sokka and Katara.

Returning home

After this event, Team Avatar plotted out their splitting for The Tri-National Showdown. Zuko would go to the Fire Nation, with Aang joining him. Before this, the two learned of a devastating move from Reeaki that was only to be used in a dire situation, while the team was at Fong's base to prepare for the counter-attack against Zorro's forces.

The two made their way to the Fire Nation on 14 September, but were held out of the first day of the assault on the Capital by the leaders of the Fire Nation Rebel Army. However, on day two, they made their way into the fight. Zuko came out fast and furious, defeating several of Zorro's forces. His and Aang's combined efforts led the Rebels up to the Caldera City.

In the Caldera, Zuko and Aang finally encountered Zorro and Ezan, setting off a four-way fight. At one point, Zuko saved Aang from a harsh fire disc attack using augmentation. Later, Aang returned the favor by pulling a woozy Zuko onto an air scooter and away from a fatal attack.

Later in the fight, the two were placed on the run, and eventually found themselves surrounded by Zorro, Ezan, and several domestic forces. Zuko convinced Aang to turn to the move they had learned earlier from Reeaki, and the move succeeded. Their opposition was blown away, helping the Rebels close the deal with forcing Zorro's forces to surrender. Zorro was killed, Ezan was severely harmed.

Reunion and re-coronation

Zuko and Aang returned to the Earth Kingdom to meet the rest of Team Avatar, with Zuko sharing a joyous reunion with Mai. The next day, the team was honored by General Fong.

On 18 September, Zuko returned to the Fire Nation throne, after Tizou ceded it. Tizou had been Fire Lord for being the leader of an overthrowing party, but quickly decided Zuko deserved the throne more. With that, after a 29-day period of deposition, Zuko was officially Fire Lord again.


Zuko is a down-to-business Fire Lord, bearing down and quite serious about his work. He can get aggressive at times, though his anger has calmed down quite a bit from his years of banishment, as he took on a more content personality after joining Team Avatar.


Zuko is a master Firebender, having been taught mostly by his Uncle Iroh. He has been working to master lightning generation, his first attempt at it having failed, though he is well-versed in the redirection technique.

Zuko is also an expert swordsman, mostly using dual dao swords. In his younger years, he trained with the legendary swordsman, Piandao, and gained a mastery of the sword.

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