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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Spirit of the Avatar.

Fire Lord Zuko
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Zuko, during Spirit of the Avatar, was the Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, and the strongest firebender in the world at the time, other than Aang and Iroh.


Zuko's appearance is relatively the same as the end of the Avatar:The Legend of Aang Season Three, though he wears the Fire Nation royal crown. His scar has not gone away at all, in fact, it has grown larger. The scar is now a symbol of honour and independence, rather than exile, shame, and dishonour.


After Zuko became Fire Lord, Uncle Iroh passed away peacefully. Zuko was shocked and heartbroken. Iroh was the only one who held him together. Zuko grew quieter and shyer, though he also became smarter and wiser. He joined the Order of the White Lotus, and eventually became Grand Lotus. Zuko soon married Mai, the gloomy warrior girl. They lived happily in a year of peace and good times. However, on the first day of the new year, Zuko received word that Azula had escaped the newly reformed Boiling Rock Mental Asylum. Zuko panicked. He sent for the wise and powerful Yah-Roh, but Roh was nowhere to be found. Only the Avatar could find him. Once Aang and the reunited Team Avatar found him, they found something odd. He had renounced his ability to firebend and was learning earthbending. Roh did not know the war was over, so he attacked them. Once Roh realised they were good, he told them that Azula's Remnant Army had been pounding hard on the forest and were trying to conquer the Earth Kingdom. Zuko set up defenses all along the forest, and eventually the entire Earth Kingdom. Azula, however, saw that the homeland had no defense and she attacked it. Azula assumed the position of Firelady, and Zuko led a rebellion against her. Zuko eventually overthrew her, and he went back to being Firelord in peace.

First Appearance

Zuko first appeared in The Board is Set, the first episode of Book One. He sent for Yah-Roh in this episode, and Team Avatar found him.

Final Appearance

Zuko's final appearance in Spirit of the Avatar was Checkmate, the season finale of Book one. He reclaimed his throne and killed Azula.

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