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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Book 1 of Powers Saga.

Fire Lord Zuko
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Fire Nation


83 AG


184 AG


Ozai (as Fire Lord)


Izumi (as Fire Lord)

Physical description


Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color

Gold (Blue during his time as a waterbender)

Personal information
Bending style(s)

Firebending and Bloodbending

Zuko is the reigning Firelord in Book 1 of Powers Saga, although he is challenged by his sister Azula when she discovers his ability to waterbend. He is one of only two people able to bend more than one element without being the Avatar. The other is Katara, and both of them owe this strange ability to Aang's energybending.


For the history of Zuko prior to Sozin's Comet, see History of Zuko (83 AG - 100 AG) and History of Zuko (Spring 100 AG)

When Zuko is struck with Azula's lightning during their Agni Kai for the throne, it leaves him paralyzed below the neck. Aang attempts to help by switching Katara and Zuko's bending abilities, granting Zuko the ability to move through bloodbending. Initially, Zuko loses hope that he can ever firebend again, since he can only execute firebending forms while using a waterbending technique. In time, however, Aang finds a way to permanently transfer bloodbending to Zuko, without affecting his firebending. To protect his place on the throne, Zuko keeps these facts a secret from as many people as possible, including his grandchildren. He attempts at one point to hide the truth from his ex-girlfriend Mai. Although she eventually forces him to level with her, his attempts to leave her in the dark keep her from reviving their relationship for several years. Zuko and Katara also have a falling out when a young Izumi is also discovered to have bloodbending abilities. Katara warns that Izumi's powers might be too much for her to handle, while Zuko insists he can help her keep them under control.

Despite frictions with his friends, Zuko dedicates most of his life to strengthening the relationships between the Fire Nation and the other nations as well as the relationship between benders and nonbenders. During his travels, he discovers a new type of bender called a voidbender who can neutralize the powers of any bender around her. The voidbender, Nanami, has no desire for her powers to become public knowledge and asks that Zuko leave her village. He agrees without argument.

In his later years, Zuko also serves as a mentor for Avatar Korra. While Korra is in recovery in AG 174, Zuko suggests to Katara that he teach Korra to use bloodbending the same way that he does, hoping that seeing some progress will boost her morale. Katara vehemently rejects this idea, but Korra overhears their conversation and asks Zuko to explain himself. Reluctant to go against Katara's wishes but ultimately wanting to give Korra her own choice, he begins the lessons. Things seem to go well at first and Korra shows progress during rehabilitation sessions with Katara. However, she slips at one point and uses bloodbending to catch herself. Katara recognizes the technique and demands that Zuko leave.


As with many other things in his life, Zuko feels a deep conflict about the extent of his bloodbending abilities and his decision to hide them from the public. He expresses fear to his mother Ursa that such a power exists at all and wonders if no one should be trusted with it, not even himself. At the same time, he is grateful for the independence it has granted him. Toph helps ease some of his inner conflict by insisting that the two of them dual each other: her earth and metalbending versus his fire and bloodbending. Through their matches, Zuko's fears about his bloodbending are somewhat eased and his confidence grows.

Zuko is fiercely protective, often to his detriment. If he feels someone he cares about is in danger, he will generally attack first and ask questions later. He feels especially responsible for the well-being of his little sister Kiyi and later on, his daughter Izumi. Fearing what might become of Izumi if she is caught bloodbending, he insists on training her in secret and becomes quite harsh with her when he catches her practicing levitation on her own. Although he frequently expresses that he does not believe bloodbending should be illegal and that it could be used for great good, he is not willing to put himself or his family at risk for this belief.


In addition to his firebending and his skill with swords, Zuko has refined several unusual bending techniques:

Breath of Dragon Fire

This is a stronger version of the breath of fire, which creates a larger, more colorful flame, often with hints of green and purple. Zuko uses it to prove his worth as Firelord when his regular firebending is unusable due to his paralysis. The Dragon Keeper Ren, also can exhale multi-colored flames, albeit smaller ones.


Bloodsensing is the awareness of other humans or animals that are within a skilled bloodbender's range. Zuko has used it in a variety of ways, including to sense internal injuries, to determine what type of bender his grandson will be, and to sense when his wife Mai became pregnant with Izumi. While the technique could theoretically be used for truthsensing, Zuko never learned how to do so.


Zuko occasionally uses firebending to detect heat in objects. He describes it as completely different from the sensation of heat on his skin. Rather than being an experience, it is more an awareness that the heat is there. The technique requires a more conscious effort than bloodsensing, and Zuko generally reserves it for determining if something is too hot to pick up.


Puppetry is the ability to bloodbend oneself or others with such precision that it comes across as natural body movement. Zuko uses the technique on himself on a daily basis to compensate for his paralysis. He employs a limited use of psychic bloodbending to initiate movement in his hands, which he then uses to perform more complicated motions such as standing and walking. While several people have noticed that his hands seem to twitch whenever he moves, it is usually passed off as a nervous habit.

Zuko has employed puppetry on only two other people, the first time on Aang. During one visit to Aang and Katara's home, Aang theorizes that as a now fully-realized Avatar, perhaps he can resist bloodbending and asks Zuko to try the technique on him. Zuko refuses at first, but unbeknownst to the others in the room, he uses puppetry to force Aang to sit down at the table and lament that there is no meat being served. Katara is bewildered by his behavior until Toph senses that Aang is not speaking of his own free will, but is being controlled by Zuko. Confident that he's proven his point, Zuko releases his hold on Aang, who is shaken by the ordeal.

Many years later, Zuko used puppetry on Zaheer while defending a young Korra against the Red Lotus. Forcing Zaheer to fall and cry out as if he was in terrible pain, Zuko lured P'Li out of hiding and ensured her capture by the White Lotus.


As a waterbender is able to make water float through the air, Zuko is also able to levitate a human body. However, it requires immense concentration and is physically demanding. Zuko used the technique for the first time when he and Katara jumped through a hole in the palace roof to attack Azula. He was able to slow their fall and prevent them from being hurt, but collapsed soon after they landed from the effort.

Chi-blocking Resistance

When applied quickly enough, psychic bloodbending can be used to counter a chi blocker's attempt to impair muscle movement. Zuko used this technique when Ty Lee caught him sneaking around the palace at night and mistook him for an enemy. She was caught off guard when she landed a "perfect hit" on Zuko's shoulder and he continued to move as if nothing had happened. Zuko theorizes that a skilled chi blocker who focused entirely on blocking his bending and not his muscle movements could still defeat him, although he refused to let Ty Lee test it out.



When Azula makes a successful coup on the palace, Katara and Zuko are able to escape, and Katara accompanies Zuko on his quest to reconquer the throne. Throughout the journey, Zuko develops feelings for Katara, but when he confesses to her later, she insists that it "wouldn't work" and rejects him. Zuko continues to try to win her affection over the next few years but respectfully backs down when Katara and Aang begin dating each other. Katara and Zuko maintain a strong friendship for the next several years until Katara abruptly stops communicating with him. Zuko later learns that Katara's father, Hakoda, was killed by a bloodbender, and that it has motivated her to write a law banning the technique. Her refusal to strike the law down ultimately drives a fierce wedge between them.


Mai's is Zuko's wife and the mother of his daughter, Izumi. At first, their marriage is one of convenience, as Zuko is expected to marry a high class Fire Nation woman. However, their old feelings for each other rekindle with time, leading to a happy and healthy marriage. Mai dies in an accident when Izumi is still a young child, and Zuko has no desire to seek another relationship afterward.


Azula is Zuko's sister as well as one of his greatest enemies. She sees Zuko as much weaker than herself and becomes infuriated when he takes the throne instead of her. For much of her life, she is desperate to hurt him, either by making him out to be a traitor or in smaller ways if that's all she can manage. When Zuko asserts that he doesn't care about how powerful his bloodbending is and would much rather be healed, Azula calls him a fool. Later on in life, they form an agreement to at least be at peace with each other, even if they will never be on friendly terms.


The daughter of Zuko and Mai, Izumi inherits her father's ability to bloodbend, but not his ability to firebend. She bitterly resents this fact and often wonders if Avatar Aang could have done something to prevent it. Even so, she cares about her father deeply and obediently develops her powers under his supervision, despite her dislike of them.

Family Tree

Ta Min
Lu Ten
Tom Tom

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