By Faith124 Part of the Phoenix Empire continuity.
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Zuko is the Prince of the Fire Nation and older brother of Azula. Once disowned, he regained his honor by assisting her in the defeat of Ba Sing Se and the Avatar. Though proud of his own accomplishments, Zuko feels the guilt of Aang's death. Because Katara healed the scar on his face, she wasn't able to revive Aang. Azula killed him, and Zuko kept him dead. On top of this, Ozai is not willing to forgive his own son.


Though he can often come off as stingy and self-included, Zuko has other's best intentions at heart. He is very confused, both about who he is and what he has done. Zuko has many emotions conflicting inside, but anger is definitely set nearest the top. Many times he will do something rash due to anger and other emotions overflowing from his mental barrier.



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