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Fire Lord Zuko is a main character in the fanon series, Avatar: Guardian. He is ruling the now peaceful Fire Nation and is now assisting Team Avatar defeat the factions of the nations who are trying to keep the War alive.

Before Guardian

Zuko has begun reforms in the Fire Nation society. He has changed the education that the children of the nation undergo back to what it was before the war. He married Mai in a quiet ceremony (at her request) about a week before the start of the series.

Beginning a new Mission

While on a walk with her around the capital, a portion of the dome surrounding the city collapsed. Zuko managed to use Firebending to propel them out of the way of the falling rocks and it was attributed to his Agni Kai with Azula.

Meeting with Team Avatar

While meditating, he hears Appa land in front of the palace. He alerts the palace to their presence and orders them to be treated well. He is the first to get outside to see Aang, Katara, and Toph, and he immediately understands that their visit is not bringing good news. As they begin to discuss the state of the world, an explosion coming from outside the city attracts the team's attention. The team along with Zuko get on Appa to investigate.

Missing Phoenix

The team arrives and Zuko and Toph surmise that the invaders are after Ozai. Aang and Toph make a tunnel down to the secret cell where Ozai was kept in, and they find a burning phoenix made of fire on the wall. They go back up and see a battle between the invaders and civilians. Zuko battles fiercely, but his opponents retreat under a smoke cover conveniently provided by Aang's attack. They search the skies for signs of the invaders, but to no avail. Zuko recommends they stay the night and interrogate the few captured traitors the next day.

Interrogating a traitor

The next day, as they interrogate the first captured traitor, the team is ambushed by the Dai Li. Zuko battles bravely, and his efforts, along with the team's, force the retreat of the Dai Li. The team realizes that there is a large threat with all of the organizations that want to continue attacking other nations. They decide to gather the rest of the team so they can assess this threat.

Picking Up Sokka

Zuko accompanies Team Avatar on a mission to Shu Jing village to pick up Sokka from Piandao's house. He, along with Katara and Toph, meet up with Sokka and Piandao, before going to finding Aang. They arrive while he is fighting the Firefighters. He joins the fight, and takes on many Waterbenders, defeating many of them.

Making a plan

Zuko is huddled around the team's campfire after their battle, and wonders along with the rest of the team what to do next. He agrees with Aang's proposal of following the Avatar Cycle to determine who they should fight first. He also states that he is going to write a message for the citizens of his nation, so they will not be scared of the terrorist organizations.

Freeing a village

Zuko goes with the team to a town to get something to eat. Thee, the group finds a teenager who asks for their help in rescuing his village which had been invaded by a group of Waterbenders. Zuko comes up with a plan once they are in the village, and leads the team away from an enclosed space to an open area, where they could battle better. Zuko and Toph, being ahead of the group, run into the leader of the island, Karno. Zuko battles Karno, but his able to brush off most of the attacks Zuko throws at him. The battle is ended when Zhentu arrives and kills Karno, who Toph had recently captured in earth.

Being Assaulted

Zuko is woken by Toph saving the group from a flash flood. He battles the Aqua Assaulters bravely, using a massive fire wall and a ring of flames around the base of the earth pillar, but retreats along with the rest of the group.

When the Aqua Assaulters strike again, he is nearly drown while barely conscious. He is rescued, and recovers after Aang flies away. When Aang returns, the group welcomes him back, but also must fight off Mitros and Katas, who followed Aang back. Zuko stops their first attack with a massive fire wall and used the wall for a swift retaliation. Mitros quickly retreats, and Zuko goes back to sleep along with the others.

Arriving in Xian

After finally getting rest, Aang suggests they go to the nearest village to get supplies. They leave Appa in the forest and go to Xian Village. As they enter, they call for any one as the village appears deserted. They are then attacked by the Firefighters, who had conquered the town. Mitros emerges and attacks the team, but is repelled again.

A field trip

After attempting to track Mitros, the team loses his trail. Aang suggests going to the Southern Air Temple as a pit stop for the way there. Zuko mentions that he got to the temple during his search, but the details are left fuzzy. Zuko gets the tour of the entire temple, ending with the statue of Monk Gyatso.

Saving the Southern Water Tribe

Zuko enters the battle for the south in the middle of the fighting. He fights against many Firefighters and finds the constant routine of the battle dull. He meets up with Aang and performs the Dancing Dragon, taking out many Firefighters and attracting the attention of Katas. They duel, during which Katas begins freezing Zuko's legs. While Aang attempts to free him, Zuko begins generating lightning. Zuko uses the lightning to kill Katas and then continues fighting the Firefighters. Eventually they are all defeated and they surrender.

A New Target

Zuko is seen in the Southern Water Tribe, playing with Aang and Sokka when Hakoda brings a letter from the Eath Kingdom. On the way to the Earth Kingdom, Zuko finds out about Sokka's original training with Piandao. Speaking about Piandao, Zuko brings up Mai, and the team questions him regarding her. He admits that he married her, and that she is the new Fire Lady.

Firebending Touch-Up

After landing in the Earth Kingdom, Aang asks Zuko to help him practice Firebending. Zuko agrees, and Zuko shows Aang how to propel himself with fire as opposed to air. Aang quickly masters the technique, and the group decides to go rest.

Saving a Mayor

Zuko arrives in Torung Village along with the rest of Team Avatar, and helps the team fight the Dai Li. Although the Dai Li manage to escape, the village is thought to be safe. Upon reaching the city hall, the team realizes that the city is missing its mayor. Zuko goes with the majority of Team Avatar, going behind Aang to try and locate the Dai Li. Toph manages to locate an entrance to an underground base, and so the team enters. Zuko provides light for the team as they continue through the tunnels of the base, until they encounter a metal door. Toph breaks the door down, and more agents swarm in on the team. The group manages to defeat the agents, and eventually locate Aang. More agents arrive at the scene, and Zuko defeats several before continuing through the halls. Eventually, the team manages to locate the mayor, with Long Feng nearby. Zuko comes forward and refutes Long Feng's request for the group to leave. After the Dai Li are defeated, Zuko helps find the mayor, and the group takes him back to his village before leaving to search for the Dai Li.

Flight Issues

On the way to Omashu, Appa is attacked by Earth Kingdom military. Zuko suggests the Appa should descend to show that he isn't a threat, though this doesn't help the situation. After landing, Zuko defeats several guards and moves on to the next base. Aang volunteers to distract the guards who are attacking, but Zuko follows him, propelling himself to the ground to join the fight.

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