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Zuko with his swords
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Fire Nation

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Fire Nation



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Roku (ancestor), Azula (sister), Ozai (father), Mai (wife)


Alam, Team Avatar


Blue, Hougen

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Prince (formerly), 3rd Avatar

Zuko is a lost prince from the Fire Nation and sister of the fire princess, Azula. Since because of his bloodline to Avatar Roku, it made him the 3rd Avatar, behind Katara and Aang.

Ginga Densetsu Avatar

Book 1: Water

Zuko first appears with Master Pakku at the North Pole. He demands that he gives the Avatar over to him and threatens his daughters life for not complying. But as the confrontation went on, suddenly Blue jumps in and freezes him. He was released later when Blue told the Fire Nation to leave the North Pole.

He then goes to the other side of the world a month later and confronts the Southern Water Tribe. He tells Alam that he can handle things, but rushes over when Alam attacks Aang. He charges in and tries to help him but he had to deal with Sokka and Korra first. He tries his best to fight them off, but Aang ended up sending both he and Alam on their way.

Book 2: Earth

Zuko shows up later when he went back to the Fire Nation and returns to Azula. He humbly requested her assistance but in the end they both were forced to go by Hougen, threatening their own lives if they didn't return with the Avatar in chains.

Zuko, with the help of his sister, opened a tea shop in Ba Sing Se as a temporary job until they get the job done. After a hard days work, Zuko began to think deep about if this mission they are on is even worth it or not. Later on, when Aang got tea from their shop, he was exposed with Azula and Aang from an unexpected guest, Genba. They were all arrested for trespassing into city limits and were sent away.

When they were brought into their Chasum cell, Zuko gotten to know Aang and explained that they didn't want to hunt him down anymore. They were getting along well when they meet Tom. He was asked the odd question of him being "the doctor". He mainly talked to the group until GB charged in and told everyone about Hougen's invasion. He rushed out and went right to Hougen. He was about to fight when Hougen framed him saying he killed Katara's father! The fight broke out and was done when Hougen was thrown out into the battle field.

Book 3: Fire

Zuko and his sister, with no where else to go, agreed to join Team Avatar. They decided this mainly because of Hougen, and not the Fire Nation alone. They appear on the navy ship after Aang woke up, bowing in respect along with Azula.

That night, Zuko has a crazy dream about two figures, one on its knees and one standing tall, seemingly in control over the other. He wakes up scared and walked outside where he speaks to Hope and Korra about his dream. It was during this that he learns of his fortune-dreams by a Metal-bending Scroll wolf. After a walk through the market and when they leave, Zuko has another fortune-dream of the same stage. This time though he can see and hear better and got abut more detail out of it. He wakes up freaked out again, but this time a voice shouts his name. He walks out and hears who he though was Aang, but when he ran over a huge object was whacked at his head, and knocked him out cold.

He wakes up later strapped to a chair and a sack over his head. He got the sack off him and sees Tom captured too. He demands to know who captured them, and was tricked into thinking it was Blue (who it really is Bat). While Team Avatar was rescuing them, Bat split his rope and it was now that he figures out who it really is. But despite that, he escapes with the others as Bat was blasting at them with the Phoenix Blasters. He was brought back to Azula as she was happy he was okay.

Book 3: Air

Zuko, with his sister, were dropped off on the Eastern Air Temple Islands with Team Avatar. He was a side character for a while until they found Mai passed out. He stayed alongside her for a while, taking care of her. When she woke up during a stop, he gently kissed her on the cheek, showing affection toward her. Later on though, when Kaibutsu cane back, Zuko quickly blocked his path, aiming his swords strait at him. He only relaxed when Weed and GB came in and explained things to the others.

Sometime after the group found Violet, Zuko had the same fortune-dream again. It was more detailed and this time Violet was blood-bending Mai. He woke up shocked like before. As he was trying to think, Weed finds him and they both walked off to talk about their dreams.

His dreams finally started to begin when Violet forced everyone down and kidnaps Aang and Mai.

After the incident, Zuko was meaning to tell Aang something important about his family line to Avatar Roku and almost found his chance when Aang asks him to be his fire-bending teacher. He was about to say it, but Aang blocks him, saying he already knew that. After a short talk, he becomes his mentor in fire-bending.

After Aang's death, he and Katara were thrown into the same cell. He demands for Hougen to come back, but Katara starts to tell him to give up. After a long heated discussion, he tells her, along with the rest of the team, that he was the ancestor of Avatar Roku! After that, he came up with a rather strange yet efficient idea to trick Hougen. He, BELIEVE it or not, starts to make out with Katara! Hougen opens the cage to remove him before he gets sick, and Zuko blasts at him, starting a great escape as he releases his friends too and fights off the enemy.

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