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By MightyBrit Part of the Child of Destiny continuity.
Biographical information

Fire Nation



Physical description


Hair color


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Weapon of choice

Dual Dao Swords

Fighting style(s)

Firebending, Dual-wielding sword style


Mai, Aang, Toph, Sokka, Kuei, Arnook


The Cult of Sozin, Zhao, Azula

Chronological and political information

Fire Lord

First appearance

The First Airbender

Zuko is one of the main protagonists in MightyBrit's Child of Destiny.

Before the story

Defeating his own demons and determined to restore his family's honor, Zuko has ruled fairly and justly in his ten years as Fire Lord. A few years into his reign as Fire Lord, he married Mai and made changes in the government that made the army much smaller than it was and made reparations for the damages that had been made in the war. Most of his people consider him a well-intentioned ruler, but none can deny that the Fire Nation has lost some of its former prosperity under Zuko's rule. Because of this, a large portion of his nation have rebelled against his peaceful attitude towards the rest of the world and formed the Cult of Sozin. To further their goals, they have attacked Zuko several times, but none of them have been successful, though Zuko has received several new scars due to their attempts. The constant attempts on his life and his feelings of failure have weighed very heavily on his soul.

During the story

After surviving yet another assassination, Zuko was ready to give up as he simply didn't know what to do about the Cult of Sozin. However, after being visited by Aang, he was refueled and left with his best friend, so that they could help each other complete their respective missions. They travelled to Ba Sing Se together where they met up with Toph. After learning of an attack on the Earth King by the Cult of Sozin, he made a dramatic order that allowed any nation to sink any Fire Nation ship that wasn't where it was supposed to be. To further combat the Cult, Toph introduced him to a cultist she had captured and locked up in an Earth Kingdom prison, who demanded Zuko stop interfering in the Cult's affairs because they had captured his mother.


Zuko is a noble man whose morals have become unshakable due to his friendship with Aang. Despite seeming on the verge of giving up, underneath his conflicts, he has a steely determination and a solid refusal to never give up on his nation, his people and his ideals. However, he is a still a hot tempered man who tends to feel responsible for things beyond his control. He cares deeply about the people close to him, especially his wife, Mai; his uncle, Iroh; and his best friend, Aang.


Zuko remains a masterful firebender, not from natural ability, but due from years of hard work and determination. He also remains one of the few firebenders in the world who can redirect lightning and has mastered the difficult art of defending and blocking with the normally offensive element. He is also one of the very few firebenders alive who know the true form of firebending. He is a talented swordsman, particularly in the art of dual dao swords, and is also gifted in the arts of stealth and strategy. Despite his compassion and strength however, he has not yet found the flair for politics and he hasn't yet developed the necessary skills to govern effectively.

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