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Avatar: Aftermath and Burning Earth

Zuko is the current Fire Lord and a member of Team Avatar. Now that the world has begun to recover from the War, he has to deal with factions who want to continue it and those who would see his nation fall. He is serious, somewhat angry, and very seldom content, but he fights to defend his home.


For a background of this character, see Zuko.

History (AaBE)

Assassination Attempt #1

Zuko and his officers attend a War Meeting where the young Fire Lord makes his intentions unmistakably clear: all Fire Nation military leaves the Earth Kingdom. General Bujing then challenges him to an Agni Kai for what he views as weak leadership, but the affront hardly fazes Zuko, who reveals that Bujing had attempted to get the Rough Rhinos to kill him but failed.

Assassination Attempt #2

Zuko and Bujing have their duel, with the Fire Lord not even breaking a sweat during the battle. He prepared to show mercy by demoting Bujing, rather than killing him, but the Dai Li unexpectedly killed Bujing and attacked everyone else. During the fight, Zuko realized that Mai could have been hurt or in danger, but he soon realized that his fears were unfounded. In the aftermath, he interrogated the one Dai Li agent who was still alive; the man revealed that someone far more powerful than Long Feng was pulling the strings. At this revelation, Zuko realized that he needed Team Avatar's help.

Remembering the Past

Before his friends' arrival, Zuko began succumbing to the pressure of a job he did not want, and this made him remember, tearfully, his mother and his cousin. He realized during his reflection that both of them, in addition to Iroh, had made up his true family. At the next War Meeting, General Shu revealed that an Earth Kingdom military force was wiping out the Fire Nation colonies without regard for innocent lives, and Zuko ordered them to send small contingents of men to each standing colony for defense. When Yun and the Kyoshi Warriors arrived at the Capitol, Zuko greeted them while they all waited for the others to arrive. When Team Avatar was completely assembled, Zuko revealed that they had a few hours to spare and gave them free rein of the city; during that time, he informed Aang that Jeong Jeong would continue his Firebending training. As Aang began, Zuko visited Azula, who told him that Ursa had visited her. Though the guards believed otherwise, the Fire Lord had to convince himself that she was lying.

To Ba Sing Se

Zuko soon revealed to Team Avatar the reason he called them to the Fire Nation: the Dai Li. He also revealed about the attacks on the Colonies, and he told them that they were all going to Ba Sing Se for the World Meeting. Upon arriving in the city, Kuei invited everyone to a banquet, while Zuko mentioned that they needed to speak privately before the meeting. At the World Meeting itself, Zuko worked hard to ensure that the Fire Nation righted its wrongs, going so far as to promise Hakoda the return of any Southern Tribe Waterbenders that were still alive. When the proceedings were interrupted by the arrival of the Order of the White Lotus and the news of King Bumi's death, Zuko took the time to take Mai out on a date. The Fire Lord later met with Earth King Kuei, and he quickly found that a massive military force, not simply Earth Kingdom rebels, were taking back the colonies.

Picking Up the Pieces

Zuko ended up saving everyone by picking them up outside of Lake Laogai in his airship and taking them toward General Fong's base, all the while planning a counter-offensive against Yuan Chong. Upon arrival at the general's fortress, Zuko made plans for defense while at the same time trying to persuade Mai to return to the Fire Nation out of concern for her safety. The attempt failed, and Ri Wu's forces attacked General Fong's base. Zuko and Aang fought through hordes of attacking Earth Kingdom soldiers, but the Fire Lord was forced to call on his airship to turn the tide. With the base in ruins, Zuko, along with the others, votes to move to Pohuai Stronghold and prepare their ambush.

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